The best sites for photography in Washington, DC

Washington, the Capitol of the Nation – is truly a place where you can find all the monuments and memorials that you might want to take a picture. US history is captured in stone. Here you can find statues and monuments dedicated to the politicians, generals, and even the old poet. A number of memorial plaques and memorials are not placed in the shopping center, which may have a & # 39; is the only area of ​​monuments, which knows most DC visitors. This may surprise you, if you know that some of them can be found in the strangest of places, such as street corners and highway intermediaries. You can see all the memorials and statues on foot or in the framework of the tour. Traffic is usually so bad that the movement from place to place would have been a complete nightmare.

Not painful, but some of the best photos can be found at national cemeteries Arlingtana. This is a place for recreation of all our fallen heroes of war. An array of crosses and beautifully designed sites can make as soft as a whisper or as loud as a gun shot. Cemetery great for photos that are interested in the person, and they always have visitors. Take photos of the documentary type with enthusiasm that this place inspires a person who comes to respect.

Although not as well known as some other memorials along the shopping center, War Memorial in DC can make a beautiful portrait background, as your colorful film tells of the tail control thousands of people who fought and died in the First World War. Journey to the Gallery, where the view of one of the greatest presidents that this country has never seen. Memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt is located in the home of Ohio in stone from the Lincoln Memorial. It has four outdoor galleries with bust statues and one for each of his powers.

Marine Corps War Memorial is located near the national cemeteries Arlingtana, or as they are officially called it a war memorial Iwo Jima. It is a long tribute to the people who so bravely fought in one of the most well-known battles of World War II. There is also a museum and memorial to the civil war in the African-American, where you can take pictures of the scene of patriotic black, who fought for the liberation of self and the mind of the nation.

All of these memorials are well lit at night and most are open access. This is stated, because you can really get some great shots under the moonlight. Night photograph has the same feelings, and do not tell the same story as in the sudden night the day. To photograph the sights and sounds of people around these memorials can be just as interesting, as are the memorials.

Storage and transfer – no more worries in Fairfax

Fairfax is located in Virginia, west of Washington – it dobranaseleny County, with a population of about 1015302 people, according to Census 2008. Being close to the national capital, it has a lot of problems when it comes to space. Consistently increasing population and the associated increase in consumption will make the space more are available.

However, available, affordable, convenient and professional space for storage and travel Available in many county areas, ordinary citizens Fairfax does not have to worry about storing valuable items and bulky things that clutter up the house or business.

Common Storage Sizes

In the premises for its own storage Fairfax has a wide range of devices to suit the needs and budget of the person. Below are the most common sizes:

Lockers: This is mainly a place where you can store personal computers, sporting goods, books, and other such things. Common sizes – 4ftx4ftx4ft, fixed area of ​​16 cubic feet.

Closets: This small extension; large closets are available from sizes 5ftx5ft to 5ftx15ft. This provides an area of ​​25 to 75 square feet for furniture and fixtures from one to three rooms.

Garage Size: These spaces are available from large 10ftx10ft to 10ftx35ft layout. This area of ​​from 100 to 350 square feet is about half full double garage to a vehicle garage.

Rental prices

Fairfax self-service offers customers an affordable rent and cost. Many offer about 99-percent discount on the first month on the long-term storage. Some just take 1 USD for the first month! The price range for a good mood storage Fairfax – it is nothing like an economic one.

This will cost an average of $ 80 per month for 5ftx5ft cabinet. Double garage size will attract a monthly rent of about $ 400. Deposits account for about 1/3 to 1/8 of the monthly rent.

Moving to Fairfax and its

Moving home or office can be a nightmare for people and companies. With many things that need to harass and monitor, it is better to trust the trade union movement and the originator company Fairfax. Many firms that move and store, provide greater price and deals with innovative portable storage devices.

Here's how a portable data storage system:

* First, the customer decides to move. He has ordered the service provider.

* The operator sends one or more portable storage containers to the threshold (at ground level) that the customer can pack depending on the timing.

* After packaging, the firm is called to pick up a container. The company collects a container, and then transport it to a destination or send it to your local repository for short-term storage.

* After delivery of the container to a new location (at ground level), the customer can take their time to unload the goods at his new home. Once this is done, the service provider has collected a portable unit.

Some operations also send experts to assist in the loading and unloading of materials.

Read about the benefits of government jobs

The federal government and the state government – the largest US employers. It has been established that now employs about two million people in the federal government. Only a small percentage is working in Washington, DC, the rest work throughout the United States.

You can find the government's work in various areas, such as the Internet, as well as government agencies. At public institutions is responsible for the advertising of vacancies to the public. Typically, these ads on & # 39; waking posted on the organization's website, which will remain there until it is full. The work must be delivered to people regardless of their gender, caste or disability.

There are a number of sites where you can really find a public work. They are known as vacancies sites. If you are a government that is looking for a job, you can start your search with these sites. You can start your search by geography, salary, job title, work experience, etc. Each state has a central web site for posting vacancies. Open jobs for existing employees of state organizations should not be advertised to society at any price. These tasks require high skills and high-level experience.

You can get great benefit from public works. These payments may go far beyond the scope of the insurance as well as retirement. Some of the major benefits include the social security number of investment options, the Medicare, the right to participate in the federal pension system officials, life insurance, etc. Additionally, you can get 13 days of sick leave and leave on vacation, even up to 26 days, but it depends on your years of service. Moreover, you can get a paid vacation for ten days every year.

In government usually provide more flexibility at work, and this includes family-friendly policies, flexible working hours, employee assistance program (EAP), care resources for children and seniors, support services for children and others. The main responsibility lies EAP in restoring the productivity of employees as much as possible. He gives short-term counseling for employees with a view to identifying and addressing their concerns. These programs are very sensitive.

Work in the government, which require a high level of knowledge and experience, often get a special bonus when the call to work. Even up to 25% of salary paid by the employee can be before a job. If you have good experience and skills to meet the requirements of a particular job, consider a request for it.

Overview radar detector Redc

Escort Redline – this is the most sensitive and effective radar detector. Highest range on all bands, including lasers, it is the most technologically advanced detector Escort.

Each user of radar detector knows that the range and sensitivity differ from conventional detectors. The red line is no exception. With a range that is superior to almost any other available detector of this device users will not be disappointed.

With exclusive dual antenna design, this device has an amazing range of radar detection. Next radars against Redline easily detected with miles. Early detection is extremely valuable for all the drivers, and the device will provide a wide enough warning of any future threat.

As in most other detectors for maintenance, there is no sensitivity to laser compared to other detectors of their class. However Redline again & # 39 is one of the best in laser detection. Thanks to independent tests, Redline destroy the competition and remain in the first few radar detectors that have a greater sensitivity to the laser.

Another remarkable feature – stealth RDD. Virginia and Washington – the only two states in the US, where radar detectors are not allowed in passenger cars. In these two countries police will use a device called RDD (radar detector detector), for example, Spectre. The red line is completely held her all the RDD, including Spectre. This is very useful for drivers who often can cross state lines, that do not know the state laws. For example, the driver uses a red line for the road. He unknowingly goes into Virginia where radar detectors are illegal. Instead of having to wait when you outsource, pick up a tick or confiscate the device, Redline will remain undetected eye RDD. This saves the user from the acceleration of tickets and possible tickets for possession of a prohibited device.

Feature that is loved by many enthusiasts, with & # 39 is completely program and configure the settings radar Escort Redline. The basic setting that is changing – it is a display device. From the factory to display the strongest range and notification it will be revealed. Switching the counter to "ExpertMeter" allows the display to show all the bands that appear, and all at once. This is especially useful if there are several sources of false radar stations in the area, but at this time there is an officer in the patrol service. While most of the other detectors disappears in areas with high source, Redline simply displays all the ranges in the region and will allow the user to decipher between threats and nepagrozami.

The display is also easy to change to a mode known as "SpecDisplay". This is similar to the original display "Bar graph", but instead of the signal strength is displayed frequency range. Only experienced users should use this option, because if the level of knowledge of the radar, which is necessary to prevent false alarms from the threat.

Unfortunately, this radar detector Escort uses the same mounting of windows, as all other companies. Most users believe that while the weather & # 39; s and the temperature varies from the outside, suckers tend to become loose and fall off. Unmodified sucker bracket generally expensive and exposes qualitative risk of falling, with destruction. Escort offers other types of brackets that are recommended to protect your investment.

Escort Redline with & # 39 is an excellent detector. Anyone who buys a device will not be disappointed with its great range and sensitivity.

Photo DC

Washington – One of the most photogenic cities in the US. In addition to watching the beautiful monuments and stunning scenery, you can make some great shots, if necessary in advance, plan your photo shoot with these tips native photographer of DC.

Here are a few sites that I propose to start with the shooting, all within walking distance:

Washington monument

The most iconic and highest monument in Washington, DC, the Washington Monument can be seen from different points of the city.

  • Pool Tides: It offers a magnificent view of the monument, and if you catch the right light, you can get the beautiful steep reflection on the water. during cherry season (usually in April) Pool Tides – very busy place for local and travel photographers, who are trying to take over a monument with Japanese flowers in the frame.
  • While you're there, you can also get some shooting Jefferson Memorial.
  • Lincoln Memorial: One of my favorite photogenic sites in DC because of all the wonderful species that can be seen around the memorial. for excellent as the dates Hang out on the steps of the memorial. In a beautiful, clear day, you certainly will not be disappointed.
  • Washington Monument: Of course, you can go to the monument, but try to look unique angles .

Lincoln memorial

Lincoln Memorial to the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington, so you might want to plan your day around the ideal time, when you would like to visit this memorial.

  • In order to create an image of Abe, not caring if anyone got in a shot, try to visit the memorial as a early in the morning as much as possible. Memorial is open 24 hours every day of the year.
  • to get beautiful sky a memorial in the picture, try to take pictures at sunset on the eastern part of the shopping center (close to the Korean War Memorial).
  • note: Tripods are not allowed inside the memorial. Consider the opportunity to bring their flash .

United States Capitol

It is obvious why the US Capitol is on this list. beautiful building inside and outside .

  • Be sure to subscribe to free tour inside the US Capitol. You will be surprised the art; but again remember that tripods are not allowed anywhere on the territory of the Capitol.
  • Bring your Zoom on the & # 39; sites . The appearance of the Capitol there chic details you win and do not want to miss.
  • Capitol perfectly removes sunrise and sunset , Because such a large base. If you shoot at sunrise, try to install the camera on the west side of the building (near the mall). If you are looking for a great sunset, try the north or west side of the building.

With these tips and a good amount of planning you are sure to come out with excellent DC drawings.

Medical Marijuana, Harry Anslinger and the legal challenge

Who wants in our economy to drug testing have won the crown? Not anyone I know. This is an expensive label, created with the stereotype of those who abuse cannabis, but usually does not think they are.

Evil drug & # 39; mental construction, located on cannabis, officially dates back only in 81 year in the US. One man, Harry Anslinger, did it.

Birth of drug wars

Back in 1930, Harry Anslinger was the first Commissioner at the US Federal Bureau of narcotic drugs, which we know today as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The story says that he initially did not oppose marijuana, saying, "No more ridiculous fallacy" concerning harm to people and its provocations to violence. (1) That is … until it becomes Commissioner.

The ban on the use of alcohol in a short time is over, and it seems possible, Anslinger decided to throw marijuana heroin and cocaine for the sake of ensuring its operation, occupying the post for a record 32 years.

In the radio address, he said that what was then called "Indian hemp" that young people become "slaves of narcotic drugs, continuing relationship until they are mentally not deteriorate, does not cook & # 39; yatseyuts turn into violent crime and murder."

Despite little scientific evidence that he claimed at the time, he skilfully comprehended marijuana and abused African-Americans and Hispanics, in particular, as a major. Anslinger was able to scare pahodnikav Americans.

All the efforts of Commissioner Anslinger gave rise to the context of the film "referee" Options & # 39;. Yatstva "in 1936 for the further security of the American population since the person who prepared the tax law for marijuana in 1937, (2) his dramatic testimony before Congress, undoubtedly influenced his acceptance.

In addition, Anslinger found a significant ally in William Randolph Hearst's media empire with Hearst, which is easily provided a platform and announced share antyindyyskaga Anslinger hemp. (3) Some say that Hurst collaborated with Anslinger, to protect the interests of the lumber companies of potential competition from industrial hemp.

Medical call continues marijuana

To this day, cannabis – a drug dedicated to the schedule I, as well as heroin and other, which stated that "now is not accepted medical treatment in the United States." However, this official statement flies in front of the government is absolutely the same understanding of the plant & # 39 benefits, based on the evidence. Pure hypocrisy.

How so? In 2003 the United States Patent number 6,305,007 was granted to the Ministry of Health and the US domestic services. (4) This is a patent for the possible use of plant cannabinoids found in Cannabis satyve that are not in & # 39 are psychoactive and with the stated purpose of protecting the brain in the case of injuries and degenerative diseases.

Although 29 states and Washington have legalized medical marijuana, there are many restrictions, and in some states there is only kannabiol (CBD), while in others there are no rules of cannabis. If you have the opportunity to watch the video, The life she deserves: medical marijuana , Created by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

What more evidence can be, what a strange cure for the girl in the video. Hemp – a plant. That's what Willie Nelson talks about it:

"I think people need to be taught that marijuana is not a & # 39 is a drug Marijuana -.. Is an herb and a flower, God put it here if he puts it here and wants it to grow, then it gives the government the right to say. that God is wrong? "


  1. "Marijuana Tax Act of 1937: statement by Harry J. Anslinger.". Shafer Library on drug policy. Retrieved February 26, 2012
  2. Full text:
  3. Martin A. Lee. Smoke signals. Skrybner. 2012.
  4. Full text: PN / 6630507 & RS = PN / 6630507

Get the job – playing sport sports!

What can you get from playing sports? How about a job? In Washington? He is running for the US presidency?

Imagine that you love to play basketball and this is pretty good. After studying as a child you go to work and his mother are playing in the pickets with other children in the neighborhood. You go to college and are good enough to play in the Varsity team. In the senior year, your teammates call you captain's capital, and in the most popular game in your collective car & # 39; EASURES you accumulate 20 points against the national team.

You eventually play professionally in Australia for a couple of years, but not vybivaetsesya down.

If your car & # 39; EPA in basketball is over, you go back to your hometown and get a "real job," but your passion for the game is not quenched.

Because of the love you continue to play pick-up games with some of the guys you meet at work. These games are not scheduled regularly, but when they play, there are a few players whose names adorn the pages of newspapers.

Some run major corporations, some succeed in the nonprofit world, some have household names like Michael Jordan, and some have strange names like Barack Obama.

If you do not know, I describe something that can help ensure that President Obama has appointed Arne Duncan Minister of Education.

Duncan has always been a big fan of basketball. Growing up, Duncan would accompany his mother to the center of her children, serving the African-American youth on the south side of Chicago. He will play in pickup games with other children and was good enough to make the basketball team when he entered Harvard.

After the end of the logistics, Duncan spent 4 years playing professional before returning to Chicago to continue the car & # 39; a career in education.

Because of its high-profile work, he finally met many of Chicago's most famous people and started playing hoops with them whenever among the busy schedule had free time.

One of the men against whom he played regularly, was President Obama, then a state senator from Illinois. As soon as Obama rose in the political spectrum, Duncan rose in the world of education, and was appointed CEO of the Chicago Public Schools in 2001.

But even if their schedule became more animated and engaged, Obama, Duncan and several others still found time to take a few games in the round ball in a year.

The game of basketball has become a tradition on election day for Obama, Duncan and others. Every time Obama stood up to the post, the group will vote, and then convened in a local gym to get them to think about daily activities.

This continued even after the recent election of Obama in November, when Duncan joined other players to help Obama to rub the nerves.

After the election results came in and Obama was a tough choice selection office, his mind does not stray from the hardwood; and January 20, 2009, as soon as Obama sworn to office, his good friend in court, and not yet in the position of the Secretary of Education.

Now people who know that kind of power, or who seek to engage in political life, there is not one person, but there is a lesson we can all learn from Duncan's story: to participate in the use of more than just health benefits. vacation on the sport. In some cases, you may meet someone who will help you achieve what you could not achieve otherwise. Furthermore, it may be somebody with whom you play or against whom you might help you along the way.

So the next time you put on a shirt or zashnuruetse shoes, think about Arne Duncan and the opportunities it holds for sports.

Continue to play sports!

5, Washington, DC, in terms of investment in real estate in 2017

Forecast for many real estate professionals is that housing prices DC in 2017 will grow, but not so much to significantly reduce a & # 39; sales. For fins, ideal quarters will show a low level of unemployment, a rapid increase in home value and robust revenue growth. Zillow used these characteristics to create five of the hottest areas of DC 2017, the areas that will be of great interest to rehabilitation facilities.

Here are 5 demolition profitable hotspots property to fix and flip this year.

Hillbrook (projected at 6.6 per cent rise in prices): The average price of a home in the list of Hillbrook is located in the north-east squared DC, is 267 thousand dollars, and the average ratio of sales to the list is 97 percent. Prices rose by 15.2 per cent in 2016. In the area of ​​high speed foreclosure homes 10.5 per 10,000, which makes it a fertile source of fixed properties. There are five primary schools in the surrounding area, one middle school and no. An area of ​​about a square mile with a population of almost 7,200 inhabitants.

Fort Davis (6.5 per cent of the projected increase in price): in this neighborhood of Southeast DC prices rose by 11.7 percent in 2016. The average cost of a home is $ 305 300, and the repurchase rate – 5.9 per 10 000 houses. Homeowners exceed landlords, from 72 to 28 percent. The median income of households in Fort Davis is nearly 44,000 dollars, and 49 percent of people have at least some college experience. In the district there are 15 public schools.

(If you want a deeper dive into the data? Truly Read review Washington's real estate market)

Grynvey (6.3 per cent projected growth in prices): residential area of ​​southeast DC, having an average value of 274,400 dollars at home and the level of price increases in 2016 of 12.5 percent. In Grynvei has 17 public schools and 29 percent of residents have college experience. The median household income of almost 29,000 dollars. The surrounding area has a rich inventory of homes that are ripe for rehabilitation.

Vudryzh (6.2 per cent predicted a rise in prices): the Northern Quarter has been hot for several years. The average price of US $ 484 100 representing an increase of 9.4 percent in 2016. The redemption price is 5 10,000 homes. District marked vysokarazmernym population, a popular night-life and more than 50 public schools. Median household income exceeds 69 000 US dollars, and 62 percent of the population have at least some college experience.

Trinidad (5.7 per cent predicted a rise in prices): Another northeastern neighborhood. Trinidad has blocks of Victorian style and craft. The average cost of a home in the 546 800 dollars grew by 6.1 per cent in 2016, while the average price per square foot of the list was 408 dollars, 88 dollars less than the average in Washington. foreclosure loss ratio of 5 to 10,000 homes.

Adventure Fuji in the heart of Washington

Foods that can be experienced in the heart of Washington, is literally endless. No matter what you want to get a waterfront restaurant, you want to experience fine dining in a five star hotel, or try to find innovative culinary concept, all right here in DC. "Chocolate City" as it is often called, the past decade has seen a break of new international style eateries, and some argue that no other city in the vicinity of the explosion has not seen such a level.

Here you will find evening snack renaissance, local pop-ups, unique cafes and creative cafes, which are arranged in the center of the dining scene. That says a lot about the growth of the historic town, which was felt for years.

Below is a short list of favorite snacks and restaurants located in different districts of DC

Georgetown – at the crossroads of old and new
Proud of the unique historical charm of Georgetown, one of the oldest areas of Washington, DC, has a number of luxury seats. High scale, modern bars along the street M, quaint cafes scattered along the avenue of Wisconsin, and the famous snack with five star ratings to their names have a variety of menus for all ages.

The restaurant "Sequoia" open and accessible interior estate with stunning views of the Potomac River, Kennedy Center, Watergate and Key Bridge, traditional American tariffs in family Nick river and luxurious experience. award-winning, flagship restaurant Farming Farmers. In restaurants, it is possible to attract tens of thousands of ordinary residents and new tourists, rain or shine. Some socks fascinate their guardians delicious dishes, while others leave the impression of unusual because of its present, family town house.

  • Sequoia restaurant
    Washington Harbor
    3000 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007
    (202) 944-4200
    Highlights: buffet on Sundays, wedding venue and jazz entertainment
  • River coastline Nick & # 39; s
    3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007
    (202) 342-3535
    Highlights: relaxing atmosphere, authentic pasta, fresh seafood and delicious steaks
  • Founding Farmers DC
    Nineteen twenty-four Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006
    (202) 822-8783
    Highlights: authentic recipes, farm feeling at the table, a classic and elegant atmosphere

Shaw – a conglomeration of hip Fuji

From time immemorial, Shaw described himself as one of the nicest neighborhoods in Washington. On the street charged eclectic feel of the street is lined with enthusiastic restaurants, bars and deserve to show off cool jazz halls. If you are looking for fast food and eat fast, you're fast rascharavaetsesya. Because it serves gourmet requiring excellent service, exquisite design and a slate of culinary delights, he has mixed meat mandatory visits to nearby restaurants, which are unique in their own way.

In the ranks of the buildings of the 19th century, family-run businesses are located, modern outlets and capricious theaters, such as the Lincoln Theater and the Theater of Howard. In the end, it is famously called the & # 39; Black Broadway & # 39 ;. While the country & # 39; Pig & # 39; The apartment building Shay has walls lined merry parasyatychnymi and historical characters. Old Ebbitt Grill cult with mahogany trees and classic beveled glass decor, located just a few steps away from the White House, you can taste the real traditional food in the American interior.

  • pig
    1320 14th SW, Washington, DC 20005
    (202) 290-2821
    Highlights: delicious sandwiches and large portions of food, a full bar with a happy hour and convenient menu
  • Shay
    Nineteen twenty-four 8th SW, Washington, DC 20001
    (855) 419-4683
    Highlights: great variety, elegant atmosphere, cafes and bakeries, child-friendly
  • Old grill Ebit
    675 15th SW, Washington, DC 20005
    (202) 347-4800
    Highlights: backers of President Grant Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Harding, journalists and famous people. It serves the best traditional sophisticated American food salon, which will take you back to the past

Dinner and restaurants near the national trade center
After seeing the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol building, will cause all kinds of patriotic emotion about the history of the country. Even if you are surrounded by stately buildings around the courtyard of the American tourists in their Washington charter buses are easily tempted with delicious flavors that are watered from restaurants, cafes and restaurants. & # Sign structure 39; the importance of the weight is not exaggerated, but it is complemented by a large array of storage of food in the city.

With Taylor Gourmet, offers freshly baked breads and snacks, grilled meat, home grown vegetables and ingredients and desserts on the wall, to satisfy every palate, the restaurant "Casual Grill and Seafood", a walk from the White House, there is everything from fresh oysters to classic traditional American cuisine. Random date consist of more 110 years ago, when it was founded by Henry Uilaram and has since become the main basis for Thurman. You'll also send your recipes to taste adventure with a trip to China Chicano, or savor a variety of delicious food offered by the Sweet Home Cafe, which is a fantastic food court, located on the territory of the National Afro-American regional area. Museum.

  • Taylor gourmet
    1116 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 684-7001
    Highlights: delicious sandwiches, seasonal ingredients, gluten-free dishes, freshly Salad
  • The restaurant on the grill and seafood
    1475 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004
    (202) 783-1475
    Highlights: romantic high class atmosphere, delicious wines, not far from the National Theater, is accessible for wheelchairs and is ideal even President
  • China, Chilcano
    418 7th SW, Washington, DC 20004
    (202) 783-0941
    Highlights: authentic cuisine that reflects the culture and traditions of the Peruvians with a touch of influence of Chinese and Japanese cooking styles. Delicious cocktails, flexible and convenient menu for children.
  • Sweet Home Coffee Shop
    the National History and Culture Museum of African-American countries
    1400 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560
    (202) 633-4751
    Highlights: average prices, wide selection of dishes, sides and desserts based on the different regions of the USA.

There are plenty more where this list is taken, and we are definitely going to write more about the new findings. Even if you go out to rent charter buses from museums to art galleries, historic sites to iconic landmarks around Washington, DC, on every corner you can find amazing gems. When we say that you will be spoiled for choice, they're right.

How can the government increase its budget?

The only answer is, and always will be "lower" taxes on the "rich". I feel that in Washington and most of the governments of the State of Washington a significant part of those who do not know the economy 101. However, I think that I understand how they can be trapped to think that the first sentence is not true. So I think it's time that Obama nation actually fulfill the promise to do something new and original, rather than use the same failed communist political theories that he was brainwashed.

The problem with politics as usual, is that it assumes that the economy is static. Economy to & # 39 is vibrant for many things, but she manages taxation. He is "reduced" if the government increases taxes; Especially if they raise taxes on the rich. Thus, the way to "grow" the economy – and do the opposite "lower" taxes. This increases the "cake", from which come taxes. Obama may have "won" hlusivshy US citizen; But what I have already said, it is "scientific" and "mathematically" verifiable.

"Intervention" of the government in the economy slows growth in the majority of the time. The only time when the government "intervention" actually helps the economy, this is where it promotes, facilitates and encourages "individual" to choose another option. This is done when the government is really "help" small businesses grow and "compete" with the major interstate and international, corporations and mega-kanglameratsyyami. It is important to note that the only result of the "dangers" of the interstate and international, corporations and mega-kanglameratsyyam {ie, tax and regulation}; This is to reduce the economy to slow down economic growth and harm the individual citizen.

That's why "libertaryyanskiya" policy "proved" the increase in the number of jobs and economic growth. That is why communism, fascism, socialism, federalism and nationalism Obama usually not conducive to the growth of jobs and economic growth. All this is why the "stimulus plan" enhancing "regulation" of the government and the majority of the costs, only hurts the economy. I think it's time that we [the citizens] "required" representatives of our state and federal government to actually use the new "libertaryyskiya" economic and government policy.