Home Inspection and the Chinese drywall problem

If you have not seen how important it is to go home inspection before you buy it, that's one of the main reasons: the Chinese drywall. You may have heard about it in the news, but as far as Sur & # 39; ozna?

At the heart of the problem lies drywall imported from China, mainly between 2001 and 2007. However, poorly manufactured drywall in this country, too, can become a problem. Despite the fact that the most important issues have arisen in the south-east, particularly in Florida, reported in 32 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Heat and humidity cause the defective drywall to release gases such as hydrogen sulfide, which creates a smell like rotten eggs. Gases also time & # 39; yadayuts copper and other metal surfaces. This may result in damage to the air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and other appliances and electronics. The smoke detector can quit work. Even silver ornaments may become black.

Chinese drywall is very loose. This means that small particles can easily be displaced with little friction. The particles enter the lungs. This can cause problems even after the drywall has been removed. Broken health problems include difficulty breathing, headaches and nosebleeds.

Unfortunately, to date there is no proven remediation protocol, which means that there is no good solution. The only company claims that chlorine dioxide will decontaminate buildings containing Chinese drywall. However, the attorney general's office in Florida warns of several deceptive practices aimed at home owners, for example, a robust set of tests, offers a home inspection, ozone generators and chemical cleaners.

These warnings indicate that the presence of defective drywall can not be determined by testing a home air or corrected by chemical sprays or ozone generators. This makes finding a qualified, experienced home inspector necessary to start to find Chinese drywall problems and solutions.

Here a little more information. Plasterboard – a conventional building material, which is typically made of a layer of plaster, pressed between two sheets of thick paper. Then it was dried in an oven. US imported foreign drywall during the construction boom in the period from 2004 to 2007. Additionally, many hurricanes in the southeast of 2004-2005, caused a deficit of US-made drywall.

There were problems related to the use of ash in imported plasterboard, which destroys the heat and moisture. The US-made drywall is also used fly ash, but the production process creates a more pure product.

It is possible that the house was built of drywall from multiple sources. Typically drywall has a source printed on the back. It is important to note that Chinese drywall may be marked "Made in China", "China", "Knauf Tianjin" or do not have labeling.

As you might expect, the problem of gypsum board in China creates all sorts of financial and legal problems for owners of housing. The Government is aware of the problem and began to take certain measures.

In late November 2009, the Consumer Product Safety (CPSC), the Commission has published a report that found a link between the Chinese drywall, sulfide and metal corrosion in homes. These results should enable public authorities to "develop protocols that will identify homes with this aggressive environment and to determine the effectiveness of rehabilitation methods. In other words, they are working again on the problem, but more research is needed, including health problems.

In May 2009, the House of Representatives passed a resolution to encourage banks and mortgage services to work with seven & # 39; families who have been affected by contaminated drywall. They also ask the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to study the problem of Chinese drywall.

Despite the fact that the CPSU says that there are so many houses damaged, as was shown earlier estimates, tens of thousands of homes contaminated. Due to the serious & # 39; oznastsi problems caused by Chinese drywall, is more important than ever, there have been a home inspection home you want to purchase. Perhaps you suspect the problem in the house where you live now. Refer to a reputable, experienced home inspector for the first steps to finding and solving the problem of Chinese drywall.

Academic and professional / professional advice to American citizens under the age of thirty years

Evil of socialism – this is what the British economist homosexual John Maynard Keynes brought to the vile and the pragmatic mind of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his associates before and during the Great Depression – economic disaster, which the economist Milton Friedman said "intentionally" made through pragmatism Federal reserve reconstruction of the American republic. "While at the University of Chicago Dr. Friedman said that the political and socio-economic objective of the Depression was a socialist redistribution of wealth through economic hardship in the United States, and it was so. The intention of creating the Great Depression created the American middle class, depriving small agricultural farmers and mercenaries on their lands and ways of their content. Thomas Jefferson said as much as he wanted to fight against Alexander Hamilton's Bank of the United States, the embodiment of the British to the federal ankh and the predecessor of the Federal Reserve, saying that this is unconstitutional to deprive the banking system of ordinary working Americans their means of acquiring economic and financial mobility.

Basis with the & # 39; emergence of socialism in the United States has been imposing high taxes and tough, almost fascist, collection of hardworking Americans on the part of federal and state governments. Doubtful lesson of the 16th amendment on the introduction of a complete corporate income tax on the American Civil electorate took place in 1913 at a time when 99 percent of the US electorate and state legislatures opposed nerazmervanaga federal income tax. The question stands ominously over the republic on how the amendment was adopted legally in this deep opposition electorate. Nevertheless, socialism can only exist where there are excessive taxes, are available for the collection and use of the state. Thus, any violent expenditure of the federal government on its entry into the First World War and, later, on maintaining the FDR, inexorably expanded federal regulators and the administration, which today has more than 2,000 such sub & # 39 facilities management in Washington, DC Colombia These governing bodies are also unconstitutional, as the law passed by Congress, containing a golden calf on the podium of the US Senate, a law that requires all children born in the United States, only to be born in hospitals and have RFID chips contained their newborn bodies to control Aruelem. However, pragmatic illegal acts of the US Supreme Court put the official "constitutional" seal of approval of these fanciful acts of Congress that create these agencies and the administration; so the possibility, if not probability, generally referred to in the last general tyrannical laws that are imposed on people, not just a fantasy. Such erratic changes in the economic and state structures of the republic called suras & # 39; major cultural change in the chairman's collective state of mind of the electorate.

Previously, the usual healthy young people, adolescents, their parents and mothers were encouraged to start working at an early age to develop personal responsibility, gratitude for the hard work and the value of the US dollar. In 1910, the US dollar was worth 95 per cent of its value based on the standard of gold and silver, precious metals. In 1910, one dollar could buy 20 bars, nearly three gallons of milk or a new well-made shirt in any US retail store. I learned about the value of money when I was seven years old when my dad is a freelance welder from East Texas for the first time instructed me to move a pot from one place to another outside his shop. If I did this job to meet my dad, he came up to me and put me in a silver quarter, and said, "Good job." From this quarter, I decided to buy 5 Hershey chocolate bars in a nearby store; And at that moment I realized that I need to earn more money. After that moment I started to do different work for my dad, and I have only received payment for their work. When I was four years old, my mother taught me to read and write, and I began to realize the power acquired in continuous training. Of course, my first grade teacher did not like the fact that I came to the first-graders reading "Little Golden Books" and "Nancy Drew" mystery books by Carolyn Keene. Unfortunately, my primary school teacher and the school principal were, unfortunately, statistics, have adopted the philosophy that students should be taught only benefit society, the state and the nation; and that the country had no intention to serve the people as planned constitutional frame. I mean, John F. Kennedy graced statyzm in his famous statement: "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." And this statement was preceded by a disastrous experiment in socialism Lyndon Johnson, the "Big Society" welfare recipients, who in misfortune failed.

Because I was raised in a working environment, which depended solely on financial success as a result of continuous strenuous physical work, my parents during my formation was told that I will be responsible for the fact that education and training will I receive after high school; that is, twelve years of free primary and secondary education, which are provided by law through local and state taxes for all children of US citizens. So I started to to learn more about the technology of electronic equipment during my elementary, junior and high schools, science, in which I was very interested. I also joined the Cadet program of the Civil Air Patrol in 1963, platsivshy own fee of $ 13.00 / year, to prepare for a military car & # 39; EASURES that I wanted to achieve. My dear mother supported me in this process is 120 percent, and I stayed in the FOC, pavvoennay US aids service, while I was not enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1971. In the teenage years, I constantly have hired many local employers, that in my years of public education, and in the summer the years between the years engaged Compound, manual work and doing household chores. All this was done, when I want to do household chores.

Most children today, most of the seven & # 39; ads American citizens of the middle class, do not know the definition of diligence or cost-earned dollars, because they do not need to feel the results of productive work, until they are in their middle. -up teenagers. Many young people never work until you finish school. This is because in the US socio-political culture of the 21st century & # 39 vsodazvolnay a socialist indulgence that persists in relation to young people, as young children, in all the years of development, insisting that children do not learn to work and to bear its own weight. American family value & # 39; and responsibilities and the mother and father, parents were forced out gegelskay statistical philosophy that village, rather than something & # 39; and, it is necessary to properly raise a child to adulthood. This hog! Large Benjamin Franklin supported the great success of training in seven & # 39; pits for American youth, to enable them to effectively learn how to trade before reaching the age of eighteen. He said that a productive trading requires not only the ability to read, write and do arithmetic and advanced mathematics, but also the ability to logically solve problems using the acquired intuition. A great educator, Dr. Jerome Bruner, said basically the same thing in his small but powerful book, "The process of education. My father taught me to weld when I was eight years old, and even though I was not engaged. Welding as a vocation, I'm now I can use the basic dugazvarshchyk and atsetylenovuyu cutting / soldering torch to work with metal. How many parents take time today to teach children their occupations and professions? not much, if any! thirty years old and younger are considered public and private schools solely responsible and academic and intuitive development of their children. In fact, only the parents of US citizens are currently searching for financial existence of benefits to be paid work in the economy keynsianskay (which 2017 mu dollar bill US Federal Reservation costs only 2 cents in comparison with the value of the US silver certificate adnadolarovaya bill 1910) have children who want to work at an early age to help themselves and their seven & # 39; emboss pits meager financial ekssis fence. say the need – this invention, and this statement is confirmed in an economy like the United States in the 21st century.

All American children should encourage their parents (God knows that the promotion will not be coming from the society of the 21st century) learn to make profitable and instructive work in the formative years. And these children must pay parents when they perform a profitable work at home. These children must be taught that going to college is not necessary for the acquisition of skills; These skills can be acquired through public or private education if the educational process are suras & # 39; ozna preschoolers and adolescents. Successful training in public schools should be treated these children as a lucrative job in which they offer training that will eventually provide them with financial security for life. Their payment or compensation for the fact that they close themselves to be used closer classroom, will report cards that reflect the degree of training, purchased for close study. Of course, the report cards do not always reflect the long-term effect of the acquired learning. A child who is constantly learning and gives 100% of their efforts on training in public school, burns, as they say, the oil in the middle of the night to do well, and makes the tough & # 39; B & # 39; assessment, in all probability, will learn and store much more than a child, a student who blessed that classroom learning is easy and always makes the right & # 39; report card.

Statistical socialist society – is what is common in the modern world of the 21st century, and it is, at least, great! If children are told that admission to college – is a guaranteed thing for financing student loans, they strongly remain in a dangerous position. Such flagrant thinking makes them think that society will pave their way to success through the use of tax money. Most children today believes that the work, when they go to public or private schools, is cruel and unusual punishment. The same applies to the use of an appropriate discipline for children through adolescence and youth. If these disobedient and rebellious children have the means to communicate their loving parents of child abuse, simply by dialing the hotline when they get them a spanking, the untrained, impulsive, impetuous and undisciplined children have the opportunity to remain unoccupied, impulsive, impetuous and undisciplined which is pressed vsedazvolnym society until the sad reality of adult life drastically does not throw them to their knees.

My advice to parents of US citizen children and adolescent teenagers – do what Benjamin Franklin, the great American Fremer, scientist and philosopher, gave good advice. Effective pre-planning seven & # 39; ads on the development of their children in most cases prevent poor performance of the youth that develops on any path of life; and progressive evaluation of the work, money, and education in the minds of America's youth, created through the introduction of private industry, will lay the foundation for future success. As my dear mother said her personal maxim: "Man must work as it depends on him, and to pray like it all depends on God."

Forgery and history of US currency

Paper money is printed and used in the United States even before the creation of the United States as an independent nation. Over the last two centuries it has gone through many changes and continues to evolve today. On most suras & # 39; oznyh changes to a certain extent influenced by the practice of counterfeiting.

In the early 1800s in the US banks, which were engaged in the charter, could issue currency. This created a lot of problems not only with a fake, but insolvent banks. This has created a feeling of uncertainty as to whether you should or not currency. In the end, it resulted in a currency panic, and was the impetus for the creation of the Law on the national currency, which was renamed the National Banking Law Act 1864. This law took banking out of the hands of individual states and the federal board network of banks that could legally issue currency with the support of the Ministry of Finance. First National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, first gained national status. In the end, more than 1,500 state-owned banks have been transformed into the federal side banks.

Despite the fact that they were supported by the federal support, banknotes issued by the federal banks, accounted for independent samples, based on the institution. They kept the name of the financial institutions that issued them, but universally kept printing the National Treasury, which was intended to restrain sfalshavanne. There were bills of different sizes, generally larger than the ones we use today. Initially, the currency was printed by independent printing presses, but in 1876 Printing currency for all national banks became the responsibility of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing under the direction of the Treasury Department. Although the US Mint produces coins, paper money is still being made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing today in Washington and Fort Uortse, Texas.

Fryport National Bank, now known as the Texas Gulf, was established in 1913 and is located in Fryportse, Texas. This is just one example of thousands of banks, chartered the country which issues its own currency in accordance with the Law on the national currency. Examples of notes in the amount of $ 5 and $ 20, issued by the National Bank of Freeport can be found in the timeline of the history of the Texas Gulf.

the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 created the first national bank, which is regulated and producing the money, called the Federal Reserve. By 1929 the design of paper money was not standardized. While the bill decreased in size to reduce printing costs, and the samples were standardized, not only to reduce costs but also to facilitate the public to recognize counterfeit bills. Notes Federal Reserve system & # 39 is the only US currency.

The US currency continues to change today, as the government seeks to keep pace with the increasing complexity of counterfeiting technologies. Since 1990, the bills include mikradruk and security thread to make it easier to detect counterfeit banknotes. Over the past 10 years have been introduced bills with additional colors and enhanced security features. To date, every denomination has been redone with the exception of bills of one dollar (although the new banknote of 100 dollars has not been released because of manufacturing problems). According to forecasts, it will be released during 2013. The safety functions can be easily recognized and can be checked with the & # 39; is you through a real or fake. Some of the security features that are used in the new currency include:

· Watermarks that can be seen, if the account is held near a light source

· The security thread that glows blue in ultraviolet light

· Mikradruk added that because of its size is difficult to replicate.

· 10, 20 and 50 dollar bills now also contain a dye that changes color, making it easier to check the authenticity of the money.

· The new bill of $ 100 has the function of the "bell in Black", which changes the color and makes the bell located at the bank of the ink, with the & # 39; to appear or disappear when tilted bills.

To find out how to confirm that the bill is not a & # 39 is a fake, and to see why it is important to know, visit the website of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing dedicated to all "new money." What new features will be needed in the future in order to achieve the falsification?

Adventure Fuji in the heart of Washington

Foods that can be experienced in the heart of Washington, is literally endless. No matter what you want to get a waterfront restaurant, we would like to try the excellent dining room in a five star hotel, or try to find innovative culinary concept, everything here in DC. "Chocolate City" as it is often called, watching the tide of Western snacks international style in recent decades, and some argue that no other city in the surrounding area had not experienced such an explosion level.

Here you will find consumers in the style of the Renaissance style, local pop-ups, unique cafes and creative cafes, which are arranged in the center of the dining scene. That says a lot about the growth experienced in the last year of the historic city.

Below is a short list of favorite snacks and restaurants located in different districts of D.C.

Georgetown – at the crossroads of old and new

Proud of the unique historical charm of Georgetown, one of Washington's oldest districts, has a posh place. High scale, modern bars along the street M, quaint cafes scattered along the avenue of Wisconsin, and the famous snack with five star ratings to their names have a variety of menus for all ages.

The Sequoia restaurant has open manor outdoors and outdoors that overlook the stunning river descendant, Kennedy Center, Watergate and Key Bridge, traditional American tariffs on Family Town Hall River Nick and wonderful experience at the awards, the flagship restaurant fermerav- founders. In restaurants, it is possible to attract tens of thousands of ordinary residents and new tourists, rain or shine. Some fascinating toes of his guardians delicious dishes, and others leave an unusual impression due to its present, family town house.

  • Sequoia restaurant

    Washington Harbor

    3000 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

    (202) 944-4200

    Highlights: buffet on Sundays, wedding venue and jazz entertainment

  • Nick river cancer

    3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

    (202) 342-3535

    Highlights: relaxing atmosphere, authentic pasta, fresh seafood and delicious steaks

  • Founding Farmers DC

    Nineteen twenty-four Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

    (202) 822-8783

    Highlights: authentic recipes, farm feeling at the table, a classic and elegant atmosphere

Shaw – a conglomeration of hip Fuji

I have long come to that Shaw described himself as one of the nicest neighborhoods in Washington. On the street charged eclectic feel of the street is lined with enthusiastic restaurants, bars and deserve to show off cool jazz halls. If you are looking for fast food and eat fast, you'll soon be disappointed. Because it serves gourmet requiring excellent service, exquisite design and a slate of culinary delights, he has mixed meat compulsory visit nearby restaurants that are unique in their own way.

In the ranks of the buildings of the 19th century, family-run businesses are located, modern outlets and capricious theaters, such as the Lincoln Theater and the Theater of Howard. In the end, it was called the "Black Broadway." While in the village, "Pigs" is a wall lined merry parasyatychnymi and historical characters, in a building "Shay" there are quaint cafes. Old Ebbitt Grill cult with mahogany trees and classic beveled glass decor, located just a few steps away from the White House, you can taste the real traditional American food.

  • pig

    1320 14th SW, Washington, DC 20005

    (202) 290-2821

    Highlights: delicious sandwiches and large portions of food, a full bar with a happy hour and convenient menu

  • Shay

    Nineteen twenty-four 8th SW, Washington, DC 20001

    (855) 419-4683

    Highlights: great variety, elegant atmosphere, cafes and bakeries, child-friendly

  • Old grill Ebit

    675 15th SW, Washington, DC 20005

    (202) 347-4800

    Highlights: backers of President Grant Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Harding, journalists and famous people. It serves the best traditional sophisticated American food salon, which will take you back to the past

Dinner and restaurants near the national trade center

Seeing the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol building, will cause all kinds of patriotic emotion about the history of the country. Even if you are surrounded by stately buildings around the courtyard of the American tourists in their charter buses in Washington DC are easily lured with delicious flavors that are watered from nearby restaurants, snacks and cafés. Weight of the significance of the iconic structures are not exaggerated, but it is complemented by a large range of memorable meals in the city.

With Taylor Gourmet, offering freshly baked bread and snacks, grilled meat, home grown vegetables and ingredients and desserts on the wall, to satisfy every palate, the restaurant "Casual Grill and Seafood", walking distance from the White House, there is everything from fresh oysters to classical traditional American cuisine. Random date consist of more 110 years ago, when it was founded by Henry Uilaram and has since become the main basis for Thurman. You will send your taste recipes on an adventure with a trip to China Chicano, or savor a variety of delicious food offered by the Sweet Home Cafe, which is a fantastic food court, located on the territory of the National Afro-American Regional Museum.

  • Taylor gourmet

    1116 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

    (202) 684-7001

    Highlights: delicious sandwiches, seasonal ingredients, gluten-free dishes, freshly Salad

  • The restaurant on the grill and seafood

    1475 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

    (202) 783-1475

    Highlights: romantic high class atmosphere, delicious wines, not far from the National Theater, is accessible for wheelchairs and is ideal even President

  • China, Chilcano

    418 7th SW, Washington, DC 20004

    (202) 783-0941

    Highlights: a real cuisine, the Peruvian culture and traditions with a touch of the influence of Chinese and Japanese cooking styles. Delicious cocktails, flexible and convenient menu for children.

  • Sweet Home Coffee Shop

    the National History and Culture Museum of African-American countries

    1400 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560

    (202) 633-4751

    Highlights: reasonable prices, wide selection of dishes, sides and desserts based on the different regions of the USA.

There are many, where did this list, and we are definitely going to write more about the new findings. If you go to rent charter buses from museums to art galleries, from historic sites to iconic landmarks around Washington, on every corner you can find amazing gems. When we say that you will be spoiled for choice, they're right.

Why no skyscrapers in Washington?

If you have ever visited the capital of our country, you will certainly notice the side of the Washington Monument (555 feet the highest in the city), and several other attractions, including the US Capitol (289 feet, which is the 5th highest point), no these high altitudes or construction of a skyscraper. Look across the river descendant in Crystal City and plants, and you will see them. Travel in more distant suburbs of Maryland and Virginia, and you will see them. So why no skyscrapers in Washington? Quite simply, because there is a law that limits the height of the building.

In 1894, the 12-story, 160-foot-Cairo, and later in Cairo Hotel Opened in 1615 «Q» Street Northwest near DuPont Circle. Uzbuhlenne area residents ensued, when many feared that large monolithic buildings will dwarf monuments and other buildings. The destruction caused commissioners D.C issue regulations that restrict the height of 90 feet to 110 feet of residential and business or the width of the street front, regardless of the fact that there were fewer. Continued lobbying prompted Congress to pass the Law on the height of the building in 1899. It has removed the restriction on the front street, but confirmed the restriction of the height to 90 feet on residential streets and 110 feet on the business streets. It made an exception for the buildings on the business streets 160 feet wide, along which building is allowed to be up to 130 feet.

In 1910, an act was amended to limit the height of any building to the width of the adjacent street plus 20 feet. Therefore, the building, which stands on a 130-futovay street, now may be the height of 150 feet. Other requirements include, under certain circumstances an unoccupied spiers, domes, towers, minaret, pins, ventilation shafts, flues, smokestacks, apartments of elevator shafts and tanks cloudy fire should be elevated to a higher altitude, if it is approved Mayor and fire design.

While Washington's horizon rarely exceeds 12 th floor, there are a few high exceptions listed in order of height. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (329 feet) takes the Washington Monument. The old building of post office (315 feet) with a clock tower located next to the Washington National Cathedral (301 ft). The highest commercial building – one of Franklin Square (210 feet), which occupies the 6th place after the US Capitol. While some argue that this lack of vertical growth contributed more widespread, perhaps, many monuments are not zaslanyayutstsa Washington.

Visit Washington cheap!


SUBWAY: Washington's subway system, known as the Metro, clean and easy to use. Fares depend on the travel time and distance. You can buy a one-day Metrorail pass for $ 6.50. If you stay a few days, try to buy a rechargeable card SmarTrip.

While the metro stations are equipped with escalators and elevators, it is best to go easy. During rush hour travel in the subway trains are very crowded. You can come to the station only to find the elevators and escalators that do not work.

Bus: The Washington Metrobus system covers the entire city. Regular bus fare is $ 1.25, and express the value of – 3.00 dollars. You must pay for your trip with exact change, SmarTrip card or bus pass. Checkpoints in one day cost 3.00 dollars and are valid in all ordinary buses. You will pay a fee in the amount of $ 1.75, if you go to an express bus.

DC Circulator bus will take you to many popular attractions for just $ 1.00. One route bypasses the shopping center, passing the Washington Monument and museum Smitsonav (only on weekends). Another takes you from Union Station in always fashionable Georgetown district. The third navigation between the Congress Center and the Southwest waterfront. You can pay for a trip to the Circulator bus (exact change only) to purchase tickets for multimeter meter Circulator route or use SmarTrip card. Pass for one day is only 3.00 dollars.

free Washington

National mall

Spend the afternoon among the presidential and war memorials. Climb the Washington Monument (tickets are free, but advance tickets are booked in advance) and look at the tortuous path of the shopping center, take the flags and colorful flowers. Walk on the Veterans Memorial in & # 39; etnama and see the love that visitors left at the Wall. (Subway stops Capitol-south, L & # 39; Enfant Plaza, Smithsonian, hazy bottom / GWU)

Museums Smitsonav institutions

The sixteen museums of the Smithsonian presents all aspects of American life from dagistoryi to the space age, and they're all free. The National Air and Space museum contains Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St. John the Baptist, Louis and many other famous aircraft and spacecraft. National Museum of Natural History will please fans of dinosaurs, gems and animals. If you are a & # 39; a fan of art, check out the American Museum of Art, the newly renovated National Portrait Gallery of the Museum and the garden or Girshhorna sculptures, which presents contemporary art. National Museum of the American countries history is closed until September 2008. (Metro: Smithsonian or L & # 39; Enfant Plaza)

National Zoo

This famous zoo is best known for its giant pandas. The Asian footprint of the zoo & # 39; combines seven species of Asian animals on novanabudavanyh places of residence. Giant panda and cub, Tai Shan, – Star Trail. The zoo is also a great place for a picnic. (Metro: Woodley Park-Zoo)

These are just a few free and cheap things to do in Washington. For more ideas, including low-cost housing and restaurants, visit our Web site at (http://www.onthecheaptravel.com)

Happy travels!

known surveyors

When first asked to name a famous land surveyors, most people believe that there are none. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, there are many well-known land surveyors throughout history, although they usually achieve fame and for other activities. In fact, the majority of experts from centuries ago worked in several different professions, such as politics, military car & # 39; EPA, exploration and surveying. In fact, in the ranks of renowned surveyors may be several US presidents.

Did you know that George Washington was a surveyor? At the age of 17 years, the future president, George Washington was appointed surveyor general in Virginia in 1749. That same year, the British colony of Virginia planned to contribute to the expansion, by offering land speculators thousand acres for each family & # 39; and that they could convince to move to the west. . He became the first county surveyor recorded in America.

Benjamin Beneker, American mathematician, astronomer and surveyor, was appointed in 1789 by President George Washington to survey the area, which has become Washington. to study the nation's capital project was completed in the period from 1791 to 1793 year. Surveyors this time, he also enjoyed a number of other professional activities simultaneously, the number of hours and the product edition of the almanac.

Another well-known surveyor, Thomas Jefferson, was also the president of the United States later in life. In 1773 he was appointed zemlyamiram Albermarl county in Virginia. Secretary of State under George Washington, and later president, of his appointment as a surveyor later gave the young nations contribute to the direction of the settlement of the border. One of the most famous of his actions as president was the organization of the expedition, "Lewis and Clark" to study and survey the west. Merviter Lewis and William Clark to explore the area the purchase of Louisiana from 1804 to 1806, contributed greatly to the geodetic studies in America. They portrayed the area with great precision over the period of time that allows the expansion of the western United States.

Daniel Boone, who lived from 1734 to 1820, is known for its pioneering and exploration, like Lewis and Clark. He was also a surveyor. Most of its land management activities took place in Kentucky in order to solve the migrants & # 39; claim to ownership of the land. British explorer Captain James Cook, who was born in 1728, sailed in every ocean. He not only studied, but also explored the area which found. These are just a few surveyors who you may have no idea that there were land managers, as they have gained popularity surveyors, rather than land surveyors.

Efforts geodetic studies of Charles Mason and Dixon Zheremii survive on the line, "Meyssan Dickson", the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. This line divided the "slave" of the "free states" during the debate in Congress over the Missouri compromise in 1820 Currently, this line is still used to distinguish the South from the North.

Another president who served as surveyor, was Abraham Lincoln who served as deputy superintendent, as well as a post office and general store operator. In fact, Lincoln worked as a surveyor, when Illinois was elected to Parliament at the beginning of his political car & # 39; EASURES.

Washington D.C. Only loans for refinancing home

What is the only loan to refinance?

Credit to refinance only a percentage allows homeowners to refinance their mortgage for a house in a new mortgage loan, if they do not pay any principal on the loan – just the interest. For example, if you own a house worth 250 thousand dollars, and now you are paying $ 1,500 a month just on credit refinancing can reduce your monthly mortgage payment from 1500 to 1000 dollars – savings of $ 500 per month. If you took this life event, like a child, divorce, death in the family & # 39; and either just need to cut costs – a loan only the interest can be very profitable.

Its purpose have only the interest, as well as other exotic types of loans. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly, you've heard of lighting defects in the media over the past 2 years. However, as in all things, there are situations where the interest has only the meaning of the loan.

If you live in the vicinity of Washington Metro (DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia), there is a good chance that you have at home there is justice. If you are thinking about refinancing a mortgage once the interest-bearing loan to refinance – the most important factor to keep in mind – this is how long you will be in your home.

Interest only loans for refinancing makes sense for people who do not plan to stay in their homes for a long period of time. For example, if you are thinking about moving to another state or country – you can be useful to pay as little as possible of your company on your mortgage.

In fact, you get all the benefits of home ownership without the high price. In addition, since the house in Washington pretty well evaluated, there is a good chance that your home will still appreciate at the time, when you decide to move on.

Symbols of Virginia and a house in Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia – an independent city that forms an enclave within Fairfax County. He also & # 39 is the county district among political independence. He & # 39 is part of the WA Metropolitan Area with its location along Northern Virginia. Its population at the 2000 census was 21,498.

Virginia State Symbols

In Virginia, many official symbols. The first is the Mother of Presidents (nickname) that represents 8 virgintsav, perform the duties of the US presidents. In particular, this Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, James Madison, John Tyler, William Henry Harrison, Woodrow Wilson and Zachary Taylor.

Milk & # 39; is the official drink, while Virginia bat with big ears – the official mouse. Meanwhile, the official boat – a decree Chesapik Bay, and the Cardinal – the official bird. Their native dance called the Virginia reel. American Foxhound – the official dog. Brooke – their own fish, dogwood their tree or flower, chesapecten jeffersonius, their official fossil, tiger swallow their official insect, and eastern oyster as the official shell.

They live under its slogan "Virginia for Lovers". Their official motto – "Sic simper tyrannis".

Fairfax Virginia

Hyatt Fair Lakes (address: 12777 Fair Lakes Circle Fairfax, VA 22033; Telephone: 703-818-1234)

This 316 rooms which have separate sitting areas with iHome Hyatt Stereos, work areas, high-speed Internet and granite baths among others. It offers a business center, complimentary shuttle service, concierge, fitness center, whirlpool, indoor swimming pool with sun dial and jog. For gastronomic options they have the Houndstooth Grill and a lobby lounge.

They also offer coffee breaks and room service. For places that are close to the hotel include the Center Steven F. Udvar-Maisy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Fair Oaks and Tysons, and WolfTrap, Nissan Pavilion and Patriot Center; plus, the Washington Monument and more.

Courtyard Fairfax Fair Oaks (address: 11220 Lee Jackson Memorial Hi-Road Fairfax, VA 22030; Telephone: 703-273-6161 or 1-800-392-8709)

This hotel is located approximately 20 miles from Washington and George Mason University. It is also not far from Dulles International Airport. He strongly supports its policy on the fight against smoke in all of its 144 rooms. In the courtyard of Fairfax offers a seasonal swimming pool, fireplace, open space, a fitness center, a printing station for landing and a business center. He also has 2 conference rooms and gastronomic options, such as the Bistro and Market. Parking on site is free in public areas have wireless Internet access, and rooms have wired and wireless Internet access. The rooms also feature ergonomic chairs, microwaves, alarm clocks, hair dryers and more.

Hilton Garden Inn (address: 3950 Fair Ridge Drive Fairfax, VA 22033; Telephone: 703-385-7774)

The hotel is 100 percent smoke with a restaurant called The Great American Grill Restaurant, 24-hour Pavilion Pantry, Pavilion Hall banquet and conference rooms, suitable for small and medium sized groups. The hotel is also close to attractions such as International Airport Vashyng Dulles National Airport Ronald Reagan, Tyson-angle mall Fair Oaks, Fairfax area and the Vienna metro station.

Hilton Garden Inn provides guests with a relaxing holiday. They provide free shuttle service, parking, 24-hour business center, workout, wired and wireless Internet access and newspapers. They also have a hot tub and heated indoor pool. Rooms are guaranteed with microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffeemakers, irons with boards, guchnagavarytselnymi 2 phones with data ports and voice mail, as well as cable television and video game consoles. Try the best of Fairfax in this hotel, whose motto is "Everything. Where you need."

Real estate Williamsburg – introduction

Williamsburg property is as famous as the city itself. Williamsburg, Virginia – a famous colonial settlement, which played a vital role in the establishment of the United States of America. Located about 150 miles south of Washington, DC, he & # 39 is a key place for observers for students of American history and the people who are discovering the national honor of the founding fathers of the country. Visitors see many exhibitions, shows, plays, musicals and theme tours of Williamsburg. Tourists can attend lectures and seminars on the state of colonial past at the University of Virginia. These factors ensure that the property Williamsburg in Virginia, receives a lot of popularity. The sale of the house a lot of Williamsburg.

Southeastern Virginia, in particular the area of ​​Williamsburg, steeped in the history of the greatest barons of the colonial era, the revolutionary and civil war. Although these famous people who once lived in these famous possessions, and went their estates remain the heritage of early American life, which used to be practiced here. Recent studies indicate a new trend in the purchase of real estate Williamsburg. Many home buyers are moving from California and the North East in Williamsburg Virginia property so that they can live in a big name to get more privacy.

Farms and estates in Williamsburg rich. Some estates are in poor condition, and they need to update and upgrade. More about the & # 39; Williamsburg real estate objects in Virginia for many generations of the same family were busy & # 39; and it is well preserved with high-grade hardwoods, formal platforms, mounted on the & # 39 facilities, guest houses, and more. Some properties Williamsburg include lucrative land with herds of sheep, the active agricultural land and / or premises and eateries. These properties Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from huge estates with views of the harbor, which sometimes cost more than three million dollars to historically notable old houses, to new large homes on a few & # 39; w, which are often priced in the range of 200 000 to 300 000 dollars.

If you are considering buying in the area, you will find that this area will meet your needs. It is important that before you start searching for the right of the & # 39 objects Williamsburg, you will need to prepare all the documents necessary for the purchase of houses Williamsburg, so if the ideal place to be found, it will be easier to buy it quickly.

Therefore, if you want to have a property in Williamsburg, these factors need to be borne in mind. Advance preparation of real estate becomes a preparation.