States without income taxes, and the state with a low property tax

Investments in real estate and the tax rate on real estate

In the US, real estate tax is taken into account by local governments at the municipal or county level. Estimation of the real estate tax is based on two values ​​- the value of land and the cost of the building. Because the real estate tax is calculated at the local level – and as changes occur frequently – it is difficult to determine the exact place where the property tax is the lowest. However, the following information should help you to find areas with high scores and low property taxes.

In some states, the lowest tax rate on real estate?

Bids are often compared to a single digit taxes in the district, and this number is used when comparing property taxes between states. Surprisingly, in Wyoming, the lowest tax rate on real estate. Unfortunately, the value of real estate in Wyoming, as a rule, very reduced due to low inflow of population and lack of jobs. In addition, Wyoming does not occupy the top rankings when it comes to price increases for residential and commercial real estate. Just because in the area of ​​small real estate taxes, it does not mean that this is the best area for investment (or relocation).

What to look for when investing

Look for an area that has a stable rate of rise in price of real estate in conjunction with relatively low property taxes. Often property local tax rates are low, because the rise in price of real estate in the area is low – so you should be careful. Cities located close to the university, and areas where the business is moving, usually excellent places to buy real estate. Drawing attention to the growing population, you can help to identify real estate trends, and make smarter investments.

medium-sized cities with the lowest tax rates

According to data collected by the Office of the CFO in Washington, District of Columbia, the following cities have the lowest rate of real estate tax in 2006, based on the annual income of 75 000 dollars. Suppose that you earn 75,000 US dollars a year, that property taxes that you will pay in each city …

Birmingham AL – $ 988

Cheyenne WY – 1010 dollars

Phoenix AZ – 1248 dollars

Wichita KS – 1309 dollars

Denver CO – 1362 dollar

Charleston WV – 1,395 USD

Oklahoma City, OK – 1538 dollars

Kansas City, Missouri – 1595 dollars

Little Rock AR – 1648 dollars

Louisville, New York – 1713 dollars

Jacksonville FL – 1744 dollars

Honolulu, HI – one thousand seven hundred eighty-one dollar

Bilings MT – 1864 dollars

Salt Lake City, Utah – 1904 dollars

Virginia Beach – 1918 dollars

Jackson TC – one thousand nine hundred seventy-one dollar

Charlotte, North Carolina – 2021 dollar

Boise, ID – 2176 dollars

Columbia SC – 2214 dollars

Las Vegas NV – 2225 dollars

Sioux Falls SD – 2228 dollars

New Orleans, LA – 2231 dollar

Wilmington DE – 2416 dollars

Memphis TN – $ 2501

Albuquerque, NM – 2517 dollars

X & # 39; Euston TX – 2861 dollar

The connection between the income tax and the tax rate on real estate

States that have no income tax (see. The list below) typically have a higher rate of tax on real estate in the respective districts (the state needs to make a profit from!). However, the convenience is that you will have zero taxes on all income earned. This can be a huge advantage. Rather than pay the state from 7 to 15 percent (or more) of your income, you can save your earned money and invest it back into the real estate or other investments. Currently, nine states do not tax income at the state level.

States without income tax




South Dakota




New Hampshire *

Tennessee *

* New Hampshire and Tennessee do not tax the profits, but they do tax capital gains (dividends and interest income).

How to find the best of both worlds: low property tax and no income tax

If you are looking for the best of both world (low property taxes and no tax on profits), you may want to consider the following cities:

Sivski Falls, SD

X & # 39; Easton, Texas

Jacksonville, Florida

Memphis, TN

Cheyenne, WY

Las Vegas, Nevada

You can also explore lesser-known cities in nine states "no income tax." Smaller towns and cities usually offer a "quality of life", as well as increasing the value and growth than the national average.


Now that you know what powers are not subject to income tax and in what areas the lowest tax rate on real estate. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus on finding the best place for the next home or investment property.

You need to be taught a curious handwriting in high-tech world?

Perhaps you did not notice, but a curious handwriting is fast becoming the skill of the past. Many schools choose the instructions for writing the manuscript of his primary school. Disputes over the role of increase instructions to the letter and the keyboard in the classroom, especially in primary schools, where students are still developing skills in reading, writing, and motor skills. The controversy was discussed earlier this year at the Summit on Education in Washington, DC, entitled "Writing in the 21st Century."

In 2010, common core state education standards were developed. These common basic practices apply to arts and mathematics in English. Standards are a set of expectations for students the knowledge necessary for success in college and the car & # 39; EASURES. The keyboard is listed as a skill that students must acquire, handwriting minimally addressed, and push the font is completely excluded. These verses of & # 39; major changes serve to strengthen the role of learning differences handwriting and keyboard in primary schools. Short writing has long been the cornerstone of education, but the elimination of skorapisnaga handwriting based on assumptions, including the assumption that keyboard skills are superior handwriting skills. Today General basic state standards allow each state to decide whether or not to include in their curriculum a short style. Given the choice of more and more countries choose to exclude from their schools on handwriting instruction. Some believe that the teaching of cursive "the old way" and a waste of time. Others believe that it is necessary to continue to teach. Whatever your perspective, you should be concerned with the removal of the handwriting of the curriculum, because these changes occur without examining the possible consequences for a young student. At the heart of the dispute is a lack of evidence as to how the elimination skorapisnaga handwriting impact on training and education in general. Much of the scientific research conducted by universities, was devoted to technology and literacy. Little attention was taken into account the relationship of handwriting and reading, spelling and composition. As a result, many children, formed over the past two decades, can not even read and write compressed. Many political decisions were made without examining the possible effects on young students who are still developing skills in reading, writing, and motor skills. In particular, as these skills are for writing short handwriting instruction. This may change. Training Summit, entitled "Writing in the 21st Century", held in Washington, DC, included the participation of professors, neurologists, teachers and concerned citizens. Presenters shared interdisciplinary study of handwriting, and the participants expressed their views on whether or not to teach this skill is necessary. As part of the presentations and workshops the participants learned how handwriting – it is a fundamental skill that helps children develop in other areas, such as reading, writing, memory and critical thinking. A number neyraznavtsav presented findings from the handwriting and occupational therapy to neyronanavuk research that documented the impact of writing on children & # 39; training. In a survey of the summit, 85 percent of participants believed that the instruction from the original writing "very important" in the 21st century. The majority responded that handwriting should be taught from kindergarten through 5th grade. All studies presented at the conference show that the teaching of writing is useful. Despite the fact that the conference was held by a company which was engaged in handwriting manuscripts, speakers came from a wide range of areas and present a convincing case. One of the most remarkable findings came from Karin Harman James of the University of Indiana. She presented the study using MRI brain children. Her research, conducted in 2012, showed that the writing hand activated parts of the brain associated with the development of language, while the keyboard did not.

For anyone who is interested to learn more about how the handwriting and keyboard produce different changes in the brain, many articles published studies available for review on the Internet. In addition, some neurologists have issued a book in which the sections describing how writing affects the learning process. Two such books; Hand how the brain generates its use, language and human culture, Dr. Frank R. Wilson. His book describes in detail the basic role of hand movements in the development of thought and language capabilities, as well as "the development of a deep sense of confidence and interest in the world – all together", the necessary conditions for a & # 39; the emergence of capable and caring individuals. "Given the problems of bullying and a lack of empathy, which many teachers have noticed his pupils, could it be that short handwriting training affects the area of ​​the brain that develops empathy and tolerance for others? We do not know … for now.

Another book – "The brain that changes itself," Norman Dodge Neuroscience. In his book deals with the topic neyraplastychnastsi as changing and evolving brain neyrapatonav due to changes in habits and repeated actions. His study describes how the handwriting and keyboard require different actions and affect the brain in different ways. Dr. Dodge said: "If a child is gaining or prints, each time he produces a sheet of the same Briefly, however, each letter is connected a little differently followed that with a & # 39 is more demanding for the brain, which converts the sequence of characters.. motor movements in the hand. Each of these actions creates a different brain,

There is much debate about the importance of the written handwriting. Evidence constitute what affects the brain and changes the way that we have never understood. Brain studies have consistently produce new discoveries. As soon as this study grows and becomes available, changes in the curriculum, which affect how children learn and store knowledge, should be carefully studied and evaluated in advance. Currently, most school districts can still decide whether they want to teach curious handwriting. Where is your school district? If you think that curious handwriting is important to learn how to contact your teacher, or administrator of the school and express their concerns. Some states have reduced short writing in their curriculum. White Book, which summarizes studies presented at the conference are available on the summit website:

That the defendant in a criminal offense in the District of Columbia, now what?

The first question you should ask yourself – or before the & # 39; presents you charged with a misdemeanor or criminal liability. Offense – is any criminal offense if you threaten at least 1 year in prison. A crime – it is a criminal offense if you face a year in prison. In Washington, in violation case pursued by two government agencies, the US prosecutor's office (USAO) or the Prosecutor General of Colombia (OAS). This article discusses the process of typical offenses which passes through the High Court Court in Washington, DC.

A police officer stopped you and accused of wrongdoing. Typical misdemeanors in the District of Columbia with a & # 39 are simple assault, possession of illegal drugs, threats, theft, destruction of property, etc. At this point, a police officer, there are two alternatives. He can give you the treatment of treatment, or it can keep you in custody, to judge within 48 hours. Handling quote usually issued criminal low risk and has a strong relationship with the community after it passes by the recording. You will need to sign a message for the C10 Hall Court. Courtroom C10 at the highest court in DC – Court proceedings. If a police officer detains you at the time of the offense, you will see a judge in the court hall C10 for 48 hours, most of the time for 24 hours. At this point, you can ask about maintaining a lawyer; but this is not necessary, as in the initial order, provided by the Court to be a lawyer. The lawyer will present you in the course of instruction; However, on that date, you will advocate for the appointment, and if you do not qualify, you have to get a lawyer to the next status date.

in the case the court is open every day except Sunday. Violation – a formal reading of the criminal information in the presence of the defendant to inform the accused the charges against him. For family members & # 39; and who are trying to find their loved ones, who are locked up on the wall before the list of vessels C10 to & # 39 list appears, stating that the lawyer is to represent your family member & # 39; and.

At the time of application of the Prosecutor reported in open court whether you are eligible for a diversion. After that, the next court date is set, called the court hearing. Hearing status – this is when you will make a decision whether to go on avoiding diversion (if it has the right) to set the date of trial or to admit guilt.

A regular season game before the break stellar displays the current problems that are ignored by officials of the MLB

Very understandable way, the game is the All-Star 2018 in Washington last week was the representative of the current state of sports in baseball. Ten hits home set a record time of Ivan Kupala, almost twice more than the previous high of six.

This long manufacturing ball shows a season that is on pace to see more home runs than any other year in the long history of baseball. This statistic – is not the only record that will zatsmeneny in 2018, and it reflects the game All-Star.

Players hit twenty-five percent of the time, the frequency of which will lead to a record number of smeary in 2018. And it is not surprising that the pitchers in the "Midsummer Classic" fanned twenty-five tests in total.

Just how high the proposed event highlighted the dependence of sport on gameruna and strike out, it was still one game a week earlier, which served as a microcosm of some of the biggest problems of baseball. Commissioner Rob Manfred and officials who exercise rather ignore this game, it would be easy to do, given how few people saw it.

Ray of Tampa Bay played Marlin in Miami the third of July, the domestic battle that was supposed to create any excitement in the house of spring training and three pennants. To emphasize the suras & # 39; serious baseball attendance problem that arose during the more than two decades, only six thousand people.

The game itself has passed sixteen innings lasted for almost six hours, and was represented by forty-four different tests between the two clubs. Eighteen different pitchers took the mound, in addition to the other three, who were called to press hit or take a position at some point during the State of São San Ber-a-Thon.

When it finally ended, an estimated two hundred fans remained on the ground. Miami's front office has awarded the little faithful souls by giving two free tickets each.

The best gift for them and the majority of fans of baseball will be a sport for the adaptation of additional rules for applications launched in the minors this year. If tied after nine innings, each team starts the additional frame with a second runner. This situation is almost guaranteed that the game will be decided long before the sixteen innings, which took place before the Tampa Bay finally won Miami.

In addition, to reinforce the fact that the games are too long, this night also revealed another problem that affects the sport. It should make the National League to adopt the designated hitter rule.

Because they played in Miami Flights should have let the fight. This condition can not be a new challenge for the starting pitchers who are accustomed to receiving at least one plate in mizhligavym matches on the road.

However, the amount of volatile creates a real problem for a number of exemptions from the staff, as most of them have never swings his club all season. What can happen if they make for such a role – this is exactly what happened at night in Tampa.

Left hand Vidal Nun padkosavaga injured joint, as he ran to first base after hitting the American band, with the result that he was listed as a disabled ten days. Injuries never would have happened if baseball served the universal rule of DH, and this, too, could have been avoided if the extra innings rule was used at the level of the Great leagues, not just minors.

Do you know the top 10 states in order to get the speed of fines for tickets

If you have the need for speed to pull you, there are some places you might want to avoid. Driverside site does an excellent job, by definition, sites with the greatest danger that can hide nailed tickets.
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They are based on the information that has been published, but we just look at the top 10 states for fines for speeding tickets. You can safely dig a little deeper and find out what city, even the streets. Then, if you are prone heavy gas, you can simply avoid these areas. In fact, you can think of a time on the racetrack – it may be cheaper.
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There are many drivers who like speed and not only in the top 10 states. Perhaps the people in these states increasingly unlikely and fall more often, and perhaps police trap more often used.
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Here’s a tip – if you want to go fast, you might want to do this on a wide-open roads of Nevada and liked. Even New Mexico with its speed limit of 75 km / h allows you to get a better feel on the road.
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So what are the top 10 states to accelerate the fines for tickets?

· Washington, DC.

· Wyoming

· Vermont

· Maryland

· North Dakota

· Mississippi

· South Carolina

• New Mexico

· Massachusetts

· Delaware

A lot of fun to try to figure out why a particular state could pryvileyavatstsa to enter the top ten. Many believe that the citizens of the State of Delaware are so happy that they have no sales tax, they are ready to send the money to the state in the form of acceleration of fines for tickets.
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Massachusetts has a universal health care for all its residents, so perhaps the drivers feel a little less, if they are injured in an accident. In the end, they do not need to worry about having money to pay for medical expenses, so why not put him in the ambulance car. Vermont starelyh full of hippies, so you would think that they would be more interested in having to put up with. We’ll let you guess why they are getting the fastest tickets.
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Speeding can give you a true sense of freedom even invincibility, but if you get these penalties for speed ticket, they do not invincible, so choose your place for high-speed wisely.

Fossilized dinosaur tracks discovered near the capital of the USA

Traces of fossilized dinosaurs are found near DC

Asked to comment on the opening of the dinosaurs in the United States, most of the experts may refer to the findings in Badlendskim Montana or car & # 39; EASURES Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur in Utah. Of course, we can say that the western United States many fantastic Mesozoic fossils, but the eastern part of the United States, although perhaps a bit underpowered in terms of fossil evidence, can still bring a few surprises.

Opening in Maryland (United States)

Now a new study of fossil tracks in Maryland in the northeastern United States allowed a glimpse into a thriving ecosystem, based on dinosaurs. There are many ways that have been found just a few miles away from Washington, tracks and traces is called the trace fossils. Traces of fossils stored certificate animal activity, for example, their paths, storms and holes. The problem with most sets of tracks, even the best preserved, is that if the animal is not petrified at the end of the road, scientists can never be 100% sure in relation to the species or genus, which actually left the prints. Trace fossils such as tracks, have a significant advantage over other types of resources, such as fossil bones, most of them direct in situ testimony about the environment at the time and place of the body's life.

Nine found hundreds of fossilized footprints

There were found more than 900 fossilized traces of different dinosaurs, which date from the middle chalk. Terapody, ankilazavry (Nodosauridae), and savrapody arnitopady presented prints. Paleontologists estimate that the tracks were made between 121 and 98 million years ago. Trace fossils of other animals were also preserved in this part of the United States, one track has been identified as a flying reptile, possibly pterazavr flew down to drink, and should be retained in the soft sediment. Traces of mammals were found: indeed, one track suggests that some mammals were large enough, recorded four legged mammals the size of a large dog.

Based trace minerals, while Maryland lived more than two dozen kinds of dinosaurs. Scientists specializing in the study of fossil tracks, began to reveal traces of the region, searching for Indian artifacts in the beds of streams that cross the territory.

They explained that as a result of water erosion and human development such beds can lead to "float". This pieces of the carrier substrate, which hydrodynamic removed from their natural stratigraphic context during flooding coasts.

All finds have been made either in the county of Prince George's, near the capital, Washington, or in the area of ​​the White marsh Baltimore County.

Hoping to put the fossils in the CNPA screen

Peculiar, almost floral print, which were found were most likely made nazodavrami. Nazazavry part of Ankilazavra heavily built, slow, plants with body armor and horns.

Some roads may have been made by young, immature animals. This area may have provided the Cretaceous nursery for many species, a popular nesting and breeding for different dinosaurs. Scientists claim that they can even be found tracks that show young people who follow the older, the possible understanding of the behavior and social relations of animals.

So far, the team of scientists and researchers involved in the analysis of a huge number of prints, described and published the first species of Maryland dinosaurs (called ichnospecies, which means & # 39; species should be & # 39;). It consists of front and rear tracks gipsilofodontida dinosaur. He named a new type of dinosaur footprints or kind Hypsiloichnus marylandus, which means "trace gipsilafantantydnaga dinosaur of Maryland."

A review of these and other findings were recently published in the journal Ichnos.

Analysis of the geology of the region shows that in the age of the dinosaurs sources of fresh water and plant life would be a lot. Researchers have unearthed the fossilized pollen of ancient plants and petrified wood for large, already extinct tree fern, similar to today's cicadas.

Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian in Washington is exploring the possibility to put some songs in a special exhibition. There are some obstacles to overcome, such as how best to present the actors, so they can be seen, but the exhibit was popular with museum visitors. After all, it would give Washington DC residents the opportunity to learn more about some preliminary neighborhood residents.

Internet account for medical marijuana? It has not yet

Few people do not know that the sale of medical marijuana is now legal in some states and in Washington. This turn of events alone as others, "sometimes", as a disaster, and several to several emotions. Still, as a legal business, medical marijuana dispensaries have a legitimate need to handle credit cards in their stores – but with the Internet? Trading accounts are not going to provide these services.

The history of one state

In Colorado, where they were recently legalized the sale of medical marijuana, opened more than 1,000 clinics. Fully 20 percent of the owners of these shops have criminal convictions, and the state is fighting for the exclusion of such producers. In fact, soon after medical marijuana became legal, nearly 100,000 people have registered as users, making needs a reliable credit card processing dispensary owners.

It is still illegal on the Internet

Perhaps because marijuana is not a & # 39 is legal in all states, and is still considered illegal by the federal government, buying it on the internet is still prohibited. In California, activists insist to take steps to vote in the 2010 elections, which will help to carry out the sale of medical marijuana on the Internet. This measure would also legalize recreational species and allow the state to tax the sale of any product based on marijuana – is a potential threat to the state, which is struggling financially. If this measure passes, the probability of a quick sale on the Internet. This will create a new niche for trading firms, as well as business owners.

Benefits of accepting credit cards

For Owner dispensary clear advantages receiving plastic. At the most basic level ambulance usually located in less desirable areas of the city and less money on the premises, the better. In addition, the acceptance of credit cards ensures that payment was actually made. Finally, it is much easier to track sales, anticipate trends, and ensure that your business has been enough funds to purchase new shares, if you know that your money will be in your account in time.

While you can not sell medical marijuana on the Internet it is likely that when the California measure will pass, and the state will begin sales tax, will soon start to go the other States. The transition to Internet sales wins far behind and in the presence of his account of the seller, who is willing to take you on the Internet, will allow you to get to the front.

What is the problem in Northern Virginia and Washington DC?

Northern Virginia and Washington are rapidly increasing in population, and as more and more people moving to the region, the question being asked more and more often – is the quality of my drinking water?

Individuals and seven & # 39; and, of course, care about their health, and drinking water from the & # 39 is an important part of maintaining good health.

Unfortunately, the quality of water in Northern Virginia and Washington DC are very bad and getting worse. Pollutants, bacteria, minerals, and chemicals in the tap water are masked by high doses of chlorine and tap water, except that they are ill, tastes and smells terrible.

Resolution of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not remove the dirt, but simply sets a maximum level of contaminants that can enter the human body and cause long-term damage.

Water is also polluted, but there is no federal or state agency that would regulate water wells.

What is the history of tap water?

Tap water – municipal water, which typically is pumped from nearby rivers, and then processed in accordance with EPA requirements. Processing is usually carried out through the apparatus for waste water purification with the addition of a large amount of chlorine to kill bacteria which remained that processing does not fall. It is important to note that EPA guidelines lies in the fact that they set a minimum permissible levels of pollution, which may ultimately harm both adults and children.

In Northern Virginia and Washington drinking water is pumped from the river mainly descendant and at least one station for cleaning the waste.

Contaminants that may be present in the well water include:

Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria that may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural activities and livestock.

Inorganic contaminants such as salts and metals, which may occur in nature or result from urban stormwater runoff waters, industrial or household waste water, oil and gas production, oil and agriculture.

Contaminants also include pesticides and herbicides, which may come from various sources, such as agriculture, urban stormwater runoff and domestic use.

In addition, contaminants can comprise organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, with & # 39 are byproducts of industrial processes and production of oil and can come from a filling station, city urban runoff water and septic systems.

Radioactive contaminants that may occur in nature or be the result of oil and gas, and mining also affect the local tap water.

Which is a source of water in Northern Virginia and Washington DC?

The river descendant Anakostyya River and Rock Creek flows into the area from outside the jurisdiction. For example, a descendant of the river begins in West Virginia, and the river Anakostsiya – Maryland. Thus, the quality of water in Northern Virginia and the District of activity affects the entire watershed.

Storm water runoff from commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural areas, in terms of pollutants from sewage treatment plants and industrial discharges, as well as joint sewage flows from West Virginia and Pennsylvania – all contribute to the quality of water in the District and Northern Virginia. .

As for the combined sewer overflow (ETC)

ETC frequently occur when natural events such as floods, overcome power

Sewage treatment plant and raw sewage is retracted in a water source like a river descendant.

During periods of heavy precipitation power combined sewer may be exceeded. When this happens, the controls are designed to ensure that the excess flow that is a mixture of storm water and sanitary waste disposed of directly into the river Anakostsiya, Rock Creek, river descendant or tributaries. This excess flow is called a combined sewer overflow (OPS).

The liberation of the excess flow is needed to prevent flooding in homes, basements, factories and on the streets, but it adds bacteria and pollutants as a potential threat to the tap water.

As part of the tap water comes from sewage treatment plants OPS, may adversely affect the quality of our waters, coming in several ways:

UTS contain substances which promote high levels of bacteria in waters. The organic material in the ETS can facilitate reducing the levels of dissolved oxygen, which may contribute to stress or potential fish kills of fish, especially in the summer months; and trash in the ETS, such as plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups (otherwise known as "floating"), contribute to poor aesthetics.

How much is safe to drink good water?

Well water, a popular alternative to tap water, especially in Northern Virginia, subject to the same contaminated groundwater, waste chemicals and organic waste, and the tap water, but NOT in any way regulated by federal or state authorities.

In addition to the discharge of unpleasant sulfur odor and sediment from water Northern Virginia well contains a significant amount of iron in the rocks, in some areas, particularly in the P & C # 39; and Cote emontse ridge, which leads to iron staining. Sulfide in ground water is also found in parts of the valley and the mountain range, where coal or natural gas, causing an unpleasant odor.

Ground water, which is a & # 39 is the source of wells may also be contaminated by human activity. Bacteria from septic tanks and nitrates both septic tanks and fertilizer to the & # 39 are among the most common contaminants. As the water from the wells is not regulated, kaliynasts and potability, private well, with & # 39; is the responsibility of the homeowner and many private wells are contaminated.

Treatment of drinking water from wells

Website of Virginia strongly recommends to clean the well with chlorine to kill bacteria in well water and trying to overcome the unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine, de hlaratsyya. Again, this process is not controlled by any state or federal agency.

Two common types of water purification – is disinfection and air conditioning. To ensure that the food was not harmful bacteria, the water is disinfected.

Unwanted tastes, odors, and are removed by means of air conditioning.

Methods well disinfection

Drinking water is usually tested on koliformnyya bacteria living in the intestines of animals tsoplakrovnyh. Coliform bacteria are typically in the borehole with & # 39 are the result of a faulty septic system or contaminated surface water, which fall into the hole or in the water supply system.

Materials and tools that are used in the construction of wells is often contaminated with bacteria, which live in the soil, and they can be made to the water supply system in the construction of wells, installation of components of the pipeline system or servicing any part of the water supply system. Virginia strongly recommends to disinfect the water system after construction and after repair of wells.

Chlorination is used to disinfect private supplies because it destroys bacteria within a reasonable time of contact and provides residual protection. However, the conventional level of chlorination is not always effective in destroying Giardia cysts that cause severe gastrointestinal disease. Ultra high level of chlorination, boiling and filtration – the only effective methods for destruction or removal of cysts.

A high concentration of chlorine may have unpleasant tastes and odors, and even low concentrations of chlorine reacts with some organic compounds, creating a strong, unpleasant tastes and smells.

To eliminate these objectionable tastes and remove the excessive amount of chlorine water is then dechlorinated. Filters with activated carbon & # 39 are the most common tools used for water dehlaryravannya, removing unpleasant chlorine taste and reduce corrosion of plumbing systems.

How safe is the water supply and water to drink?

Municipalities, owners of wells and even the EPA claim that tap and drill water in Northern Virginia and Washington DC is perfectly safe to drink, but be surprised. Consider a source of tap water in the light of the wastewater treatment, concentration of chlorine addition and discharge into the river waste descendant and begin to wonder. Also note that the water from a well is subjected to most pollutants of tap water, but also can not be adjusted.

Or & # 39 is bottled water tap alternative?

Or not, depending on the type and quality of bottled water. Purified water is considered by many experts the best.

The popularity of bottled water has grown immensely, when Americans strive for a healthy lifestyle and better tasting water. But not all bottled water is healthier than tap or a good alternative.

Up to 25% of the bottled water on the market – it is simply tap water, packaged in plastic bottles and bottled water that is not purified often contains minerals and other contaminants that could harm your health. These contaminants are not only unhealthy and affect the taste of water, but also limit the storage time for emergency drinking water supplies.

Purified Water, however, by distillation and oxygenation process water trough provides the safest and best tasting alternative contaminated drill and tap waters in North Virginia and Washington.

Distillation removes the pure water from contaminants and oxygenation creates a fresh, light taste of the water.

Clean water is essential for the creation of a healthy lifestyle and good health for you and your family & # 39; and.

state of mind

There are various states that make country. In other words, the country consists of several states. Likewise, there are different conditions that constitute mind. The nature of the mind depends on the condition that he recognizes.

"The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our actions." Without a doubt, this is fact. We become what we think. Of course, the finest quality of the mind – it's intense meditation, never coming down. As a result, the quality of our thoughts manifest as such reason and is translated as action. It is also important to the quality of thoughts is made possible courtesy state of mind.

As a case study we look at the United States. In the US there are 52 states (Washington, inclusive), mainly the northern and southern protectors. In the same vein, there are different "states", that make the country calling wit. Just as many countries have established in many countries, so many states created in the mind. Traveling from one state to another state the same country are made possible with the help of convenient transportation system to overcome the limitations or complex nature of borders. This is similar to the transition from one state of mind to another across the border, is the solution.

Similarly, the previously declared the northern and southern protectorate of the United States, we mainly from the & # 39 are the "upper" (yes, larger) and "lower" (negative, smaller) view of the mind. The "upper" and "lower" measurements have several states, but for convenience we consider (a) nine states. However, more states can "create", he added. For the "top" of measurement we have: confidence, success, happiness, wealth, health, love, security, truth and wisdom. In addition, we have a "low" aspect: the fear of failure, pain, poverty, disease, hatred, lying, stealing and stupidity.

The transition from one state of mind to another depends on the quality of the decision, which is a & # 39; is a function of the most excellent qualities of mind. For example, if a person wants to "travel" on the state of folly to wisdom, such a transition should be made easy to understand by the decision, which depends largely on the Roman, thoughts and lighting (identity, association with intense meditation) state, stupidity, location the individual in terms of benefits, limitations and practical possibilities. It is estimated that there is a movement (decision), which overcomes the problems and confrontation to achieve the state of wisdom. Eventually, the state of wisdom to voice themselves in action! Undoubtedly, this has become possible due to the mind-ons that never decreases.

The problems of state succession and historical issues – book review

Almost ten years ago, I became a member of the bookstore of old books in Calgary and found it most intriguing, it was an old two-storey house, and each room was full to use the book for sale. I bought too many books, and since I was on vacation, I sent them a slow boat to China, slowly brakes, hoping by the time when my holidays end. Yes, I am, among other like a worm.

In any case, one book that I bought, I was intrigued, and she was on the table of the dollar there. I put it in one of my bookshelves, thinking that some day I may need this information, and I'm sure that sometime at me with a & # 39 appears.

You see, today I have led the Think Tank, which works on the Internet, and we talk a lot about geopolitics. This book is about continuity and it is worth reading. No, you can not have my copy, because I have to keep this certificate – is a theme that is repeated. However, below is information about the book, if you want somewhere to find an old copy – perhaps on eBay? The book's title:

"Continuity – the morality of political divorce from Samtera fort to Lithuania and Quebec" Author: Allen Buchanan, Westview Press, San Francisco, CA (1991), page 174; ISBN: 0-8133-1132-2.

Although this book almost 20 years, it hardly matters, the effects of succession are all too common, and we are talking about the ex-Soviet nations, the European Union nations, or even US state, such as Texas, weary with Washington and a domineering # 39 management authority. Texan does not seem to like very much.

It's awful similar to the historical records of the succession and that causes men to pass on their previous agreements for cooperation in a broader alliance. As a former franchisor, I understand the need to maintain the union with the dilemma of Abraham Lincoln, when the civil war was coming. After reading this book recently, I fully understand why the EU has asked the IMF and even the United States to intervene with the resources to help in the rescue of Greece to save the EU, as this could have a big impact in the world.

This book – a beautiful part of the research, and I put it next to some kind of wisdom that I have found over the years by reading an essay by Henry Kisindera, Winston Churchill, or Alan. Memoirs Grynspan. If you are involved in a potential succession, I think that you need to have your own copy of this book. So please consider all this.