Adventure Fuji in the heart of Washington

Foods that can be experienced in the heart of Washington, is literally endless. No matter what you want to get a waterfront restaurant, you want to experience fine dining in a five star hotel, or try to find innovative culinary concept, all right here in DC. "Chocolate City" as it is often called, the past […]

Ben & Chili Bowl, Washington

Several years ago, I had to spend a week visiting our nation's capital, Washington. We visited such famous places as the Capitol, the White House and all the different monuments and many interesting museums. Although I was a tourist, I wanted to experience not only tourist attractions, but also outstanding attractions. I'm talking about unknown […]

Most public schools

Well can often occur from hot visions of previous decisions of the government. One of the many advantages of former President Bush in relation to the law on the absence of a child who is left behind, with the & # 39 is to standardize tests for public school systems. For example, every school, elementary, […]

Dram Shop Act

In the past, the only one who could be held responsible for the damage, if there was an emergency driving while intoxicated, was an alcoholic & # 39; yanenne. After the accident, drunk driver could face criminal liability, as well as the subsequent civil charges for damages, both physical and emotional. But many states have […]