Soccer club DC United

Member of the Supreme Football League, America Football League the highest caliber, DC United Soccer Club – a club that can be found in Washington. The club is well thought out, as the United States & # 39; The most triumphant club in the history of college football. The club won the US Open Cup, and they kept a record of four cups of MLS, a feat unmatched in American football record. They also hold the record for the four supporters of the MLS & # 39; Shields. In addition to these exploits, they were the only club which has been awarded the supporters MLS & # 39; Shield in 2006 and 2007. They were also the first and only club, which was re-awarded the MLS Cups in 1996 and 1997. The following year (1998) came to the club luck again when they were awarded the champions of CONCACAF & # 39; Cup. It was the first CONCACAF champion of the world & # 39; Cup, which was awarded the American club. Peramagshy Mexican club Toluca and Brazil Vasco da Gama, they received a Copa Interamericana again, one of the most coveted leagues in America.

The main venue of the football club DC United from the & # 39 is the Memorial of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, the football arena, which is located 56 692 seats located on the street East Capitol. Stadium belonged to the District of Columbia.

The club is so popular and powerful that was the only club which boasts three supporters & # 39; club, namely the Screaming Eagles, La Norte and Bara Brava. "Black and red" – a club & # 39; official nickname. Club – one of the major domestic leagues when it comes to visit. They were considered one of the clubs that have the highest number of attendance per game.