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Dome cover a lot of very important buildings were called "the king of all the roofs." These rounded design became an architectural icon for many public buildings. It all began with the search of Thomas Jefferson, who called for the dome at the 1st National Capitol USA.

Domes – a strong, curved structure, covering a large area without a supporting column. The dome of the building were built only with rectangular bearing columns.

The first of the & # 39; waking domes were round houses and tombs of the ancient Near East, India and the Mediterranean & # 39; and. Around 100 AD Roman engineers began experimenting with arches and found krutsivshy arch of a circle, three-dimensional form was created. Domes have become very popular, emphasizing the roofs of churches and mosques, creating a brilliant design.

Early domes were made of stone. One of the earliest was built dome of the Pantheon, which was so heavy that engineers carved figures along the walls to reduce weight. Also, a hole was cut in the tops, called the neck, or eye of the dome, which has helped to reduce the weight, plus avoid the sunlight.

Domes were built higher and higher on 532AD, it led to an increase in weight problems. This problem was quickly solved by the creation of arches with windows that allow sunlight enters without weakening the structure.

In the 18th century the dome of the Basilica of St. Louis, Peter began to crack. Were caused engineers and bound iron rings, called the tensioning ring around the structure. It is not only maintained this structure, but also served as a new way to build domes.

By the early 1400s, engineers began to build in Rome two domes in one, to create the illusion of height. The outer thin envelope was raised iron rings, with smaller dome underneath. The smaller dome is visible only from the inside, the dome that adorns the Capitol, our nation was built so.

Domes were called the perfect architectural form, the circle was a symbol of the universe. High dome of the gold color is in the form of a giant head of the country. One of the ancient cosmological meaning of the dome with a & # 39 is "heavenly helmet."

No wonder the dome has since become a universal symbol of government. Their property adds beauty that matches the grandeur of most kapitelnyh buildings, which indicates the status. In the US, the dome of the Capitol of Massachusetts established the dome as a distinguishing feature for State Capitol, as well as for our nation in the Capitol in Washington, DC. Today, there are only seven state Capitol without a dome.

Thomas Jefferson called the dome in the Capitol of the nation, "the first temple dedicated to the sovereignty of the people." In the US, the dome has become an architectural icon for government buildings. Their property adds beauty that matches the grandeur of most kapitelnyh buildings, which indicates the status.

Domes become the dominant presence in America sketches not only for government buildings, but also for homes, commercial buildings and garages. They have become a symbol of democracy and inspiration for citizens to live a life filled with dignity and freedom.

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