Flight famous!

From Washington

In England

In Washington D.C.

In the United States,

Washington, dedication England

City in Sunderland

Sunderland, city and port in Tyne and RBM, North East England

Historically part of the county of Durham

Durham District and administrative center in the north-east of England

Tyne and Wear have entered into a new county in 1974

My wonderful creation of Tyne and Wear

Geographically located equidistant from

Grand center of Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland

Washington, I elegantly designed the new city, 1964 year

Oh, my pleasant Washington

So the world and decorated teatralizavanastsyu

Washington is very beautiful, magnificent and majestic ceremonies

And the historical flavor of tradition

Located on the canned line Leamside

One of the largest cities in the UK

Without a functioning train station

My main transport provider

I called the name

Go to the northeast

Wonderful people say in my land

Gertrude Bell, a native of Washington Hall

Musician Bryan Ferry

Roxy Music Fame

Washington attended grammar school

Now the Washington School (comprehensive)

England footballer Billy Furnace

Si King, one half Harry BIKERS______MEANS

He attended a Catholic school St. Robert Nyuminstra

It is believed that Anthony Ross

Founder carousels in Washington

D.C, Washington, a town in


Earlier, the District of Columbia

commonly called

Washington county

It is the capital of my United States

Founded July 16, 1790

Washington city

Originally a separate municipality

By an act of Congress in 1871

City, District of Columbia

Share their name with the US state of Washington

Located on the north bank of the river descendant

It shares borders with the states

Virginia to the southwest

And Maryland on the other hand

The eight largest metropolitan areas across the country

Washington D.C., which receives 174 foreign embassies

The headquarters of the World Bank

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Organization of American States (OAS)

Manages the mayor and 13 city council members

Angagoyskamovny people

Nacotchtant, populated area of ​​modern Washington

Around Anakostsiya River

My area is divided into four quadrants rough area

North-West (NW), North East (PP)

Southeast (south-east), southwest (southwest)

Evaluate historic buildings like Queen Anne

Chä teauesque, Romanesque Rychardanskaya

Washington D.C., National Arts Center

As John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Home to the National Symphony Orchestra

Washington National Opera and

Ballet in Washington, DC

With the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

The Lincoln Center in New York, there is a man

Who seemingly sits on the board of each culture in America

In Washington, D.C. you will find a person who has acquired

710-year-old Magna Carta with Ross Perot for $ 21.3 million

And signed the discovery of ancient Torah, found buried in Auschwitz

The rich man who has achieved the highest number of political power

Adviser on domestic policy, President Jimmy Carter

Before you create wealth for $ 3

Buying and selling companies

David Rubenshteyn, a lawyer by training and practice of the seller

Co-founder of Carlyle Group

One of the largest investment companies in the private capital in the world

With more than $ 80 billion under management

I know you want to meet

The richest man in Washington, D.C.

A person who collects money for Carlisle

Visit Washington natives

Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA)

Rapid transit system manages my city

I went through several flights land

With Washington in Washington D.C.

Copyright, Anyael Sam Kisan