Treasures from the state treasury unclaimed property at auction on Ebay

Unclaimed treasures of abandoned safe deposit boxes, and police facilities are located at the auction site to the highest bidders! Learn how to bet on the unclaimed property and how to make sure that none of your property does not fall on the auction.
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safe content

After three years was abandoned safe (in most states), the content is transferred to the Department of State property without the need. Safe is considered to be abandoned if the fee is not paid for the box and the owner can not be contacted with the contact details for this box.
Government auctions of unclaimed property is removed from the safe, because the mailbox owner can not be found. The funds received from the auction, affordable owner, if the owner ever try to return the property.
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Earlier in the states carried out local auctions to sell the contents of safe deposit boxes, but now states use the power of the Internet to hold an auction of this property.
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Items such as diamond necklaces, wedding rings, necklaces, rubies, rare coins and stamps, and more.
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Ebay Auctions and Unclaimed Property

States have started using eBay to auction unclaimed property. Often the content of valuable things, including family heirlooms and jewelry. Auctions are held at different intervals in different states, and can sometimes be items for sale.
These auctions have received higher bids when States could reach a local auction. In Massachusetts, the last auction of 200 lots was 140 thousand dollars selling!
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The following states offer online auctions of unclaimed property through ebay:

The site, you can go to advanced search and enter the name of the seller in the section “From specific sellers (enter sellers & # 39; User ID)”:

eBay Seller Name: ucpauction

eBay Seller Name:

eBay Seller Name: indiana_unclated

eBay Seller Name: mdcompschaefer

eBay Seller Name:

Washington, DC
eBay Seller Name: DistrictofColumbia

Properties of the Police Department of the room Use Internet auction
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Law enforcement agencies across the country have the room in which the completely stolen or confiscated goods. The rightful owners can not be easily identified, and if the property is no longer needed as evidence, it must be properly deprived.
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On the About page states: “… the possibility of using the Internet to quickly move items from the police property room, to reduce personnel costs and make a profit much higher than the traditional methods for conducting auctions in Police Sheriffs Department.”.
You can view the items that are now sold at auction on site. You can narrow your search to include “only the items the police” by setting the “Select only the items police.”
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How to make your property from falling into the auction room

In the US there are more than 25 billion dollars of unclaimed money and a large amount of unclaimed property. This property and lost money every year remain unclaimed.
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o Keep your safe

o List your heir safes

o Maintain current contact information for all accounts and safe deposit box, which you use

o Search demanded money and property you

You can search the database to find out you borrowed money or unclaimed property.
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