Tourist attractions Washington

Washington – the capital of the United States of America, it is located in the Federal District, known as the "Columbia", located between the states of Maryland and Virginia. The city is home to all three branches of the US government (executive, legislative and judicial), and a number of other governmental, non-governmental and international organizations (including, for example, the International Monetary Fund, the American States Organization, and the World Bank).

As you might expect, in Washington there are a lot of interesting places, historical sites and their visitors. Of course, this government buildings, monuments and historic places, but there are also many art galleries and museums. Some of the most interesting places to which you need to pay attention to:

* Jefferson Memorial – a memorial to Thomas Jefferson, who, of course, was one of the United States founding fathers, and later was the 3rd President of the USA.

* Lincoln Memorial – Abraham Lincoln, of course, was the president, who ruled the United States during the US Civil War (1861 to 1865).

* Washington Monument – a white obelisk taller than 500 feet. It is a memorial to George Washington, who was (as you probably already know), the leading American general during the American Revolution (1775 to 1783) and then the 1st US president.

* National Museum of Air and Space – a very popular museum, in fact, perhaps the most visited museum in the world. It contains many exhibits related to the history of aviation and space travel, and they are definitely worth a visit.

* The White House – This landmark building with a & # 39 is the main residence and working place of the American president. While in the past it was widely open to the public, today, starting from 11 September, access is much more limited.