History of Washington

This is an article that discusses the Washington event. From its founding until the Civil War.

To start with Philadelphia made the capital of the United States. However, in 1783 a major riot occurred. The mafia is mainly consisted of older men who would like to pay it. Congress has asked the current governor of Pennsylvania to call the police to protect the Congress. However, the governor refused. This in turn led to the & # 39 entrance from Philadelphia.

Between the northern states and the southern states had a heated discussion, and both wanted the capital in their regions. Northern states have big cities, but were generally poorer than the southern. So in the end a compromise was made. Alexander Hamiltan offer the southern states to take on much of the debt of the northern states and the capital return will be located in the south, but the city itself is not technically belong to any state.

And Maryland, and Virginia have volunteered to donate capital. However, the final decision, where it will be, it was decided by the president. President Washington wanted to include in the city has already built a city called Alexandria, Virginia. The reasons for the fact that George Washington owned a lot of Alexandria, Virginia, and it was very close to his personal plantation.

Although there were other problems with the people who already own the land, in the end it was settled. The capital was located just below the line would Potamaka fall, which was the furthest point inland, to which can be reached by boat. Washington appointed three commissioners to oversee the planning and construction of the city. They were also the ones who called it "the city of Washington in Colombia."

However, the town was burned by the British during the War of 1812. They burned mostly important buildings, such as the yard of the Navy and the Treasury building. White House staff were able to save a lot of important paintings, such as George Washington's picture.

After that, a long time the capital was incredibly small, consisting of only a few thousand inhabitants. However, President Lincoln created an army to protect the capital during the Civil War. Thousands of soldiers who were there, caused an increase in capital. In other words, one of the most terrible wars that have ever occurred in the United States, there was a war, which allowed capital to flourish again.