Spring in Washington – our top 10 things to look out for



This is not your father's Baseball Stadium, Washington State citizens play in one of the most modern parks in the country, which makes it all very convenient and memorable. The main feature – digital displays used for concession stands Park. Orders go faster and with less errors, this means that less time waiting in line and more time spent on the game.

2 National White Festival

There is no central location for this particular festival, as in days of spring events and festivals are held throughout the city. glasses and white shades fill the peripheral view, so that even the most gray with cobbled tourist places look happy.


Food lovers unite! Truckeroo – it's fast food, done right. Trucks with food going around the spring to show off their menu, and the music and entertainment pose satisfaction if you lasuetse fresh and delicious food. There is everything for everyone, not just fried food and burgers.

4 PLEASE Dragon Festival

Take a trip down the river descendant to experience the wonderful displays of Chinese arts and cultural demonstrations that culminated in the main event competition dragon races.


This spring tradition speaks for itself. Every year, on the lawn of the White House come together tens of thousands of people to take part in the annual rollout eggs, as well as games and activities for the whole family & # 39; and.

6 passport D.C.

This is what Washing D.C. It should be the most well-known: a multicultural event. Each year the collective "festival" is held in May, which is about the & # 39; combines embassies and learn different cultures and public relations with a sampling of different arts and traditions.


In Smitsoniyane almost always something going on, but in the spring they devote the month of April the art and legacy of jazz. You will find many special guests who speak and act, it is necessary for any music lover, not to mention jazz.

8 American Science and Engineering Festival EXPO

This festival, which takes place at the Washington Convention Center, hosts hundreds of events and workshops for anyone even remotely interested in science and technology. Calendar that can achieve science and technology, constantly pushed, you can understand that it can have a future in this exhibition.

9 Filmfest DC

The oldest and most popular festival in DC takes place every year in late April to bring viewers the most anticipated and newly discovered gems from around the world. Some sites get less than others, so do not think that this festival is open only for the elite.

10 National Historic Site FREDERICK DOUGLASS

This is another mandatory place to visit while you are in Maryland. The famous slave who escaped slavery to become one of the most respected black scholars and activists walked into a modest house in which once lived one of the strongest minds in America.