Do you know the top 10 states in order to get the speed of fines for tickets

If you have the need for speed to pull you, there are some places you might want to avoid. Driverside site does an excellent job, by definition, sites with the greatest danger that can hide nailed tickets.
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They are based on the information that has been published, but we just look at the top 10 states for fines for speeding tickets. You can safely dig a little deeper and find out what city, even the streets. Then, if you are prone heavy gas, you can simply avoid these areas. In fact, you can think of a time on the racetrack – it may be cheaper.
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There are many drivers who like speed and not only in the top 10 states. Perhaps the people in these states increasingly unlikely and fall more often, and perhaps police trap more often used.
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Here’s a tip – if you want to go fast, you might want to do this on a wide-open roads of Nevada and liked. Even New Mexico with its speed limit of 75 km / h allows you to get a better feel on the road.
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So what are the top 10 states to accelerate the fines for tickets?

· Washington, DC.

· Wyoming

· Vermont

· Maryland

· North Dakota

· Mississippi

· South Carolina

• New Mexico

· Massachusetts

· Delaware

A lot of fun to try to figure out why a particular state could pryvileyavatstsa to enter the top ten. Many believe that the citizens of the State of Delaware are so happy that they have no sales tax, they are ready to send the money to the state in the form of acceleration of fines for tickets.
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Massachusetts has a universal health care for all its residents, so perhaps the drivers feel a little less, if they are injured in an accident. In the end, they do not need to worry about having money to pay for medical expenses, so why not put him in the ambulance car. Vermont starelyh full of hippies, so you would think that they would be more interested in having to put up with. We’ll let you guess why they are getting the fastest tickets.
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Speeding can give you a true sense of freedom even invincibility, but if you get these penalties for speed ticket, they do not invincible, so choose your place for high-speed wisely.


Condos for sale in Washington

Almost everyone longs to live in the city, which is considered one of the most beautifully decorated and beautiful cities in the world. You can not deny that you often dream to own their own place, surrounded by wide roads and parks complex. If you want to live in an exciting urban area full of interesting and eclectic choices, Washington D.C would be a good place to live!
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D.C. Washington, founded in 1790, with the & # 39 is the US capital. Only these facts prove that the city – an important part of the past, present and future of the nation.
Many white / gray classical government buildings, beautiful ladies, and many sites, including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln memorial, veterans memorial in the & # 39; etnama help you determine the beauty of the city.
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You will be fascinated to see the colorful beauty of the Park West descendant, which stretches from the Lincoln Memorial. View of the Rock Creek Park, which occupies nearly 1,800 hectares of natural forest, sure to please your eyes.
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Are you sure you love to explore places such as the National Museum of Natural History, Air and Space Museum, Children’s Museum and National Zoological Park. Besides them, Verizon Center, theaters and Washington Convention Center – the greatest attractions of the city.
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Kandos for sale in Washington, D.C., gives you the opportunity to live in this fascinating city. The recession and the downturn negatively affected the real estate market. However, over time improves. If you are interested in buying an apartment in Washington, the best time for this – it is a gift. Thus, you could get the right property and that too at an affordable price.
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The average price of homes for sale in Washington is $ 335 per square foot. The average listing price of $ 639.962, while she Var & # 39; iruetstsa from one area to another. The most popular neighborhoods of Washington – Georgetown and Dupont Circle.
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The best way to find the property of your choice with the help of an estate agent. Someone who works in real estate, will be able to help you choose an apartment for sale in Washington from the available list. Winning and a formality also take place using a real estate agent.

In urban apartments have a balcony, a rich carpet from wall to wall, a new fully equipped kitchen, new bath and vanity, individual air conditioning and heating, as well as the gallery lighting, so you will not feel uncomfortable. This is one of the easiest cities to navigate using public transport, other than rail metro and bus system.

You can enjoy the warm summers and mild winters with little snowfall in this town. The apartment offers you a number of different floor plans ranging in size from 633 to 897 square feet, to be precise from one bedroom to three bedroom units. Most rental prices start at $ 600 and quickly grow to thousands of luxury apartments.


Treasures from the state treasury unclaimed property at auction on Ebay

Unclaimed treasures of abandoned safe deposit boxes, and police facilities are located at the auction site to the highest bidders! Learn how to bet on the unclaimed property and how to make sure that none of your property does not fall on the auction.
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safe content

After three years was abandoned safe (in most states), the content is transferred to the Department of State property without the need. Safe is considered to be abandoned if the fee is not paid for the box and the owner can not be contacted with the contact details for this box.
Government auctions of unclaimed property is removed from the safe, because the mailbox owner can not be found. The funds received from the auction, affordable owner, if the owner ever try to return the property.
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Earlier in the states carried out local auctions to sell the contents of safe deposit boxes, but now states use the power of the Internet to hold an auction of this property.
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Items such as diamond necklaces, wedding rings, necklaces, rubies, rare coins and stamps, and more.
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Ebay Auctions and Unclaimed Property

States have started using eBay to auction unclaimed property. Often the content of valuable things, including family heirlooms and jewelry. Auctions are held at different intervals in different states, and can sometimes be items for sale.
These auctions have received higher bids when States could reach a local auction. In Massachusetts, the last auction of 200 lots was 140 thousand dollars selling!
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The following states offer online auctions of unclaimed property through ebay:

The site www.ebay.com, you can go to advanced search and enter the name of the seller in the section “From specific sellers (enter sellers & # 39; User ID)”:

eBay Seller Name: ucpauction

eBay Seller Name: co.unclated.property

eBay Seller Name: indiana_unclated

eBay Seller Name: mdcompschaefer

eBay Seller Name: tx.unclated.property

Washington, DC
eBay Seller Name: DistrictofColumbia

Properties of the Police Department of the room Use Internet auction
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Law enforcement agencies across the country have the room in which the completely stolen or confiscated goods. The rightful owners can not be easily identified, and if the property is no longer needed as evidence, it must be properly deprived.
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On the About page states: “… the possibility of using the Internet to quickly move items from the police property room, to reduce personnel costs and make a profit much higher than the traditional methods for conducting auctions in Police Sheriffs Department.”.
You can view the items that are now sold at auction on www.propertyroom.com site. You can narrow your search to include “only the items the police” by setting the “Select only the items police.”
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How to make your property from falling into the auction room

In the US there are more than 25 billion dollars of unclaimed money and a large amount of unclaimed property. This property and lost money every year remain unclaimed.
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o Keep your safe

o List your heir safes

o Maintain current contact information for all accounts and safe deposit box, which you use

o Search demanded money and property you

You can search the database to find out you borrowed money or unclaimed property.
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What are the grounds for divorce in Maryland?

Understanding the different grounds for filing a divorce in Maryland is important for anyone who is in the process or can go through this process in the future. All states are different from the laws and principles governing divorce, so they are essential for the information related to the state where you baziruetsesya.

In Maryland, there are several specific grounds for divorce. One of those with the & # 39 is adultery, in which you must prove that your husband had the desire and the ability to commit adultery.

Another reason for divorce in Maryland – cruelty or brutality. This can be proved by witnesses and documents and present evidence, including photographs and medical documents.

In Maryland, there are also several other grounds for divorce, which may be less common than the above. Constructive desertion – is one thing, and in this case, you indicate that your husband left you for a period not less than one year. Other reasons include insanity and criminal records, and in both cases there are different deadlines that must be followed, depending on the specifics of your circumstances.

Now there should not be one of these specific reasons that the couple divorced and divorced. If none of the above does not apply, divorce is becoming known as a no-fault divorce. In this case, the actual reason for the divorce with the & # 39 is a 12-month period of separation. Husband and wife should always be separated throughout this period, and they will be able to officially apply for a divorce.

Maryland also added mutual consent as one of the state the grounds for divorce. This applies to couples with no children, and concluded an agreement on the procedure for resolving all other issues in the marriage settlement of property or finances. In this case, the 12-month period of separation, usually without divorce the fault described above is not required.

As already mentioned, it is important to note that all of the above only reflects the state of Maryland. Other states can vary considerably in terms of reasons for divorce, which they admit it or not, or the specific ways that these bases are defined, regulated or implemented. Always be sure to consult with an experienced legal professionals from your state and local region that can guide you in the process.

Popular luxury hotels in Washington

Washington must be in the list of all the travelers around the world, as the seat of the US government. This pleasant capital city has many historical monuments and excellent shopping, but it's not a cheap place to visit. In Washington, there are many luxury hotels from which you can explore museums, parks and monuments of the region. Washington, which often zaslaneny New York and the bright lights of Las Vegas, with a & # 39 is a friendly and hospitable city, which is subjected to the study of foot.

2-mile mile national park, which extends from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol brilliant, bordered with trees, statues and classic white buildings. View the White House, a tour of the National Gallery of Art, like the Pantheon, the Jefferson Memorial and the time to go through the descendant to the green acres of national cemeteries Arlingtana.

Here are some of the best luxury hotels in Washington to choose from:

Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons – this is one of the best luxury hotels in the Washington, DC, which provides a good service, comfortable beds and stylish furniture. Located in the posh end of town in Georgetown, discreet service and excellent facilities make it well worth it.

Renaissance Mayaflarys

In a similar style and quality, only in the Four Seasons, a large luxury hotel in Washington. It is also a & # 39; is a member of Historic Hotels of America and has recently completed a multi-million dollar restoration. The hotel is conveniently close to most of the attractions of the location of the business district.

hotel Monticello

More modest in size and style than other luxury hotels, Hotel Monticello offers an excellent location for business guests and tourists. This comfortable luxury hotel is conveniently located in the historic Georgetown, and read all the boxes.

George hotel

This modern, hip hotel is well located for those who want to walk to the main attractions WashingtonDC. With exquisite works of art and modern décor, it is also very environmentally friendly. High-tech amenities include a plasma TV and a docking station for iPod, and his style will love the younger generation.

5 best budget destinations to visit in a day's work

Incredible public holiday, which gives us all a great time to spend with friends and family & # 39; her working day – widely popular holiday in the United States. The long weekend people can enjoy a heart, opening up new and popular places in the United States and the surrounding regions. Although now it is becoming a trend to escape with friends and family & # 39; s Labor Day, to relax and gather back, but if you still have not planned anything for this great day, well, you came to the right place. The following are the most well-known and easy-to-pocket leisure options that can be considered as a potential holiday destination in Labor Day:

1. Washington D.C.

Every proud American likes to spend public holidays such as Labor Day in Washington, DC, where they can get the best view of the city, spending time admiring the achievements of the nation. Many wonderful events held on the occasion of Labor Day, people can experience the heart of visiting the Capitol, where the amazing concert of Labor Day, or visit many of the more famous attractions such as the Kennedy Gaytersburg and many other places that take some of the best events and goals on labor Day. The Labor Day many local councils that organize the locals, where you can become a member of the big celebration with great pomp and show.

2. Las Vegas

Admit it! Every time a suitable festival or public holiday, you immediately think about how to plan for every possible way to mark the day in Las Vegas. However, if you have never thought to experience the charm of Las Vegas on Labor Day, then think again, as ideal weather conditions & # 39; I was comfortable flights and budget accommodation can make your dream come true. In addition to the many events and a gala organized by both public and private organizations that will leave you happy and offer the most amazing experiences of all time. Require exciting parties in the pool and enjoy their hearts, being in the city of sin in a day's work.

3. Orlando

At any time it can be an excellent option to visit the theme park capital of Orlando. Among the most visited holiday destinations in the United States, Orlando was known variant of rest, especially for those who like to plan your long weekend with family & # 39; It and friends. Orlando can be chosen as one of the most amazing vacations in the United States, representing a wide range of scenic attractions, theme parks, adventure rides, golf courses, great shopping sites and amazing hospitality. Budget flights and discount options for accommodation in the hotel will give you even more amazing experience and the opportunity to meet more and have a great time in Orlando.

4. Cancun

People who want to have fun at the beach with lots of adventure and intense partying in the weekend to Labor Day, can explore one of the most famous places in Mexico beach vacation, Cancun. Cancun, Mexico's main tourist center, was a renowned venue for international holiday weekend and have a great fun and adventure while surrounded by such a set of colorful landscapes during the holidays, which give a long weekend. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun – a massive collection of attractions, as well as an extensive beach, which is associated with the Caribbean Sea and offers a view of the rich natural beauty and refreshing experience available in this part of the world.

5. Aruba

The Caribbean has always been a weakness of many tourists who love to find every chance to escape from the monotony of life and to discover new and beautiful place with charming hospitality and strange signs. And if you plan to make a holiday on Labor Day, there is hardly a place that can overcome the versatility of Aruba on such a short distance. With a wide range of blond beaches, fascinating landscapes, excellent hospitality and endless recreation, Aruba can be considered a great place to relax in the budget, as you can probably find some great deals and offers on Labor Day, to fly away and book the hotel at discounted rates. Thus, if you like something beautiful and charming, the Aruba – an ideal place for you.

Labor Day – one of the most popular times of the year when you can take advantage of fewer crowds and a more luxurious experience at budget prices, spending a long weekend at home from people that you love the most and admire the attributes of your destination, regardless of seasonal conditions and celebrations. Thus, if you like to take the opportunity to plan rest and become a traveler, you probably should think about finding an amazing offer of flights on Labor Day on the internet that will give you a great experience and great savings.

The concept of the melting pot as the American identity

Floating pot mix of people from different cultures, races, religions, and in one multinational society, certainly with & # 39 is one of the most important features of the American identity. This is one of the elements that led to the growth of the US population, especially during large-scale immigration in the early 20th century. In this article I'm going to have a complete view of the opposite ideas to this metaphor.

The term, which is melted, got its name in 1908 after the first Israeli performance Zangvila in Washington, which was called "Floating pot" in Washington. The protagonist of n & # 39; play declared: "Understand that America is – is God's crucible, large Meling-pot in which European races are melting and reformed image for your feuds and vendettas Germans and Frenchmen, Irishmen and Englishmen, Jews and Russians! – you have a fence all God is doing to Americans! ".

It should be borne in mind that the idea of ​​the melting pot due to the "model" immigrants who came to the US legally and through Ellis Island. They are called model immigrants, because they were successful professionals, who could forget their historical identity and absorb the route of administration of society. That is, the blacks and the Indians are not counted. Despite the fact that blacks were fully integrated into American culture, marriage between whites and non-white has been banned in many US states until 1967 (according to the laws for the suppression of mitsegenatsyyay). This is an issue with the exception of African Americans and Native Americans who are part of the melting pot process, is currently a matter of great debate.

Multicultural perspective on the theory of melting pot

Multikulturisty known by means of the invention the term "salad bowl" or what Canadians call "cultural mosaic", which means that immigrants preserve their national and cultural characteristics, as they are integrated into the new society.

Multikulturisty – those who support programs such as bilingual education and affirmative action, to support the migration of minority groups. In other words, they do not agree with the idea of ​​assimilation for immigrants.

The reason for this lies in the fact that multikulturisty who feel the force of nationalism, it is believed that the imposed assimilation may give way to lifting the opposite of integration groups. They believe that the assimilation of immigrant forces have lost their original cultural or linguistic identity.

They also commented that the process of assimilation has created a gap between various members of the family & # 39; and immigrants, as the use of the native language in the classroom of English was extremely frowned upon in the United States. This leads to an increase in the number of immigrant children who do not want to speak their native language at home with their parents.

Asimilyatsyyanistski look at the theory of the melting pot:

Despite multikulturisty, he considers the theory of melting as a repressive, asimilyatsyyanisty claim that this contributes to the country and its people only in economic terms, and only if, that immigration is under control.

Asimilyatsyyanisty believe that this multi-ethnic country was created due to the success of building a national identity. They argue that giving special privileges to people of different nationalities creates hatred of the majority. They believe that the government is responsible for helping immigrants brought into conformity with the main crop.

Asimilyatsyyanisty believe that pay attention to the culture and customs of immigrants can not be followed, because a large number of immigrants coming from Third World countries and, therefore, different backgrounds. That's why they do not agree with multikulturisty. In addition, they say that even the needs of immigrants will be very expensive.

Moderate look at the theory of the melting pot:

Some scientists here believe that there may be balance between the viewpoint and multikulturisty asimilyatsyyanista. They claim that immigrants do not need to completely set aside their original culture. They may see themselves as citizens of the host country of the first and the citizens of the country in which they were born second. This idea means that if they practice their cultural traditions when it comes to choosing between the two countries, they will serve the interests of the host country, so as to are extremely important.

They comment that while the English language with the & # 39 is the main language spoken in schools, mandatory courses in foreign languages. Proponents of this view argue that if the government supports such cultural practices as part of a minority of immigrants, immigrants will automatically share the love of the host.

Or boiling melting pot?

According to some scholars alike. There it was stated that the United States beyond the adoption of more immigrants, in particular more Mexican immigrants. Apparently, when the Mexicans come to the country a large number, they feel very comfortable with their own culture, and they not only learned American culture and identity, but also see them as a threat to American culture and identity as they change. them sharply.

In conclusion, even though everyone knows that the history of the United States – it is immigration, American identity is doomed to change, if the immigration control and, most importantly, border control (in the case of Mexicans) are neglected.

Soccer club DC United

Member of the Supreme Football League, America Football League the highest caliber, DC United Soccer Club – a club that can be found in Washington. The club is well thought out, as the United States & # 39; The most triumphant club in the history of college football. The club won the US Open Cup, and they kept a record of four cups of MLS, a feat unmatched in American football record. They also hold the record for the four supporters of the MLS & # 39; Shields. In addition to these exploits, they were the only club which has been awarded the supporters MLS & # 39; Shield in 2006 and 2007. They were also the first and only club, which was re-awarded the MLS Cups in 1996 and 1997. The following year (1998) came to the club luck again when they were awarded the champions of CONCACAF & # 39; Cup. It was the first CONCACAF champion of the world & # 39; Cup, which was awarded the American club. Peramagshy Mexican club Toluca and Brazil Vasco da Gama, they received a Copa Interamericana again, one of the most coveted leagues in America.

The main venue of the football club DC United from the & # 39 is the Memorial of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, the football arena, which is located 56 692 seats located on the street East Capitol. Stadium belonged to the District of Columbia.

The club is so popular and powerful that was the only club which boasts three supporters & # 39; club, namely the Screaming Eagles, La Norte and Bara Brava. "Black and red" – a club & # 39; official nickname. Club – one of the major domestic leagues when it comes to visit. They were considered one of the clubs that have the highest number of attendance per game.

Know more about the city of Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia has not always been very well-known city for a visit. Of course, the city is very inviting as before. Although this is not the direction that prospers life in day and night, bypassing Charleston will tell you that the city has to offer. In one sense, Charleston, West Virginia has been quite silent place for recreation for the adjacent neighbors and local residents. Anyone who has been in the city of Charleston, will tell you that he is one of the friendliest cities in the United States. In addition to this, it also boasts a very rich history and culture. It is surprising that many people are surprised by the activity, which is the city center.

It offers visitors a bunch of wonderful sights. It is very improbable that someone will not visit entertainment complex metropolitan capital, even if it is or it is in only in a few hours. You will surely find it the most rare black squirrels. For historical inquisitiveness, you can head to the state historical museum. The greatness of the statue "Lincoln walk in the night" glorious interested visitors. Colorful summer festival – a reasonable opportunity to know the culture and the lives of people in the city.

West Virginia Capitol

As in other states, the Capitol building serves as a stamp of national culture and historical landmark, which presents the rich past of the state and the city. Capitol Building, West Virginia is different in that it is located on the canal and the river was designed by architect Gilbert Qassam, the same man who designed the building of the US Supreme Court and the US Treasury building in Washington. Capitol – is not just a beautiful landmark, but also covered with public information about the history and culture. West Virginia played an important role in the American Revolution and the US colonization. This and many more like it in downtown Charleston.

Shops and food

Charleston is also a culinary city. He has a wide range of dishes that can offer something fresh and creative. If you like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or simply American food, Charleston restaurants are sure to have. However, let us not ignore the purchase. Although it is not very well-known trading center, it has a few local crafts and arts. Center Charleston is definitely a unique and interesting place to visit because it has a wide range of attractions and its people are very warm.

Mr. Trump, the company promises to follow if you expect to be re-elected

If a presidential candidate, any candidate for president, to campaign and promises to the citizens of the USA national electorate that support him or her, and the result of this vote for the candidate, those voters expect that the person will benefit from these election promises. Currently, Donald J.. Trump terrible fall during the first year of the US President in the performance of the promises that he gave republican, tea party and independent voters, who upset the presidential elections in 2017, choosing it; and not allowing the election of a corrupt Democrat. Voters are also those who chose the majority of Republicans in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Very descriptive language Trump, which he used in describing what he was going to do as the US president and CEO, to eliminate the federal status quo in Washington, for example, "drain the swamp" and "deprive the Republic of political marsh creatures (illegal policies ) ", which spoiled the federal government, we have excited the voters who put him on the post. These painstaking patriots hoped for dynamic switching of constitutional government back to States, in accordance with the 10th Amendment against cruel and control of the federal government. However, this vision suras & # 39; oznaga reduction of the federal government and the regulation has not been implemented after Trump took office, and the president promises to stop illegal immigration, to build the southern border wall finish DACA and many other priorities identified in the course of his companies that are essential for voters republican and tea party are not met.

Mr. Trump must be fully aware that what he was given the interested republican, tea party and independent voters, was not only a victory in 2017 as US President, but also, and more importantly, the mandate to carry out their promises. That is, the Trump is necessary to realize the important and dangerous fact that, if he wants to be re-elected president, and continue to enjoy the support of the Congress, which is controlled by the Republicans, he will have to change the way it does things. Currently, as of Friday, March 23, 2018, the president of Trump needs to understand that he is sure to lose the support of the Republicans, chayavikov and independent voters who elected him in 2017 when he signed into law a bill on expenses 1.3 trillion. Dollars, was adopted by the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. But this is not all that he will lose! His signing of this bill will allow the minority party, opposing liberals get what she wants, that is intolerable harmful to the country. First of all, the signing of this bill to reduce the support of voters in the Republican Trump with & # 39; entrance, and to ensure the restoration of democracy of majority status in the House and Senate in the midterm elections.

Mr. Trump desperately need to study the history of the wonderful lesson conducted by the great President Andrew Jackson during the time when he served two terms as president, from 1829 to 1837 year. An important lesson that Jackson gave a future candidate for president, because of deportation as president, was "to fulfill the company's promises." I compared Donald Trump with Andrew Jackson in their bids for different ages for the presidency and for the welfare of the credibility of the common voter, and there are many similarities. Compared described one very important similarity, which has been an independent voice Trump, who has called for a change during his campaign. Andrew Jackson campaigned primarily for the evil of the United States Bank, the predecessor of the Federal Reserve Act and the Trump agitated angry with illegal immigration, and DACA unconstitutional federal regulatory authority. Jackson's company promises statute removal, and end, of the United States Bank makes sense to the voters in 1829, and Trump promises to stop illegal immigration, build a wall, stopping DACA and draining the federal swamp, or Washington, DC, had a lot of sense for many more voters in 2017, Republicans, Democrats, tea and independence. Fulfilling the promise of the company, Andrew Jackson won the re-election in 1833, and Mr. Trump has to realize that he was selected to perform the work that he represented during his campaign that he was going to do. The president should stop trying to entertain their voter its picturesque motif of the negotiations and savvy TV. He needs rather suras & # 39; ozna refers to the fact that he has chosen, and to remember that it is in a dirty swamp that is sharply necessary to drain, and his being liquidated, not Las Vegas, and it & # 39 ; President, not Wayne Newton.

Eleanor Roosevelt search for life and self-actualization of the soul

Writes about Eleanor Roosevelt, author Anne Atkins gives an idea of ​​the former first lady and "one of the most respected women in the world." Atkins book "Eleanor Roosevelt search for life and self-actualization of the soul" leads the reader to a time when women were expected to marry and become accessory to their husbands, rather than engage in car & # 39; eray and makes an important contribution to society.

Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt were distant cousins. In addition, it became the wife of the US president, Eleanor was the daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, the younger brother Eliot died when Eleanor was a child. If Eleanor and Franklin were married March 17, 1905 in New York, President Theodore Roosevelt's niece Eleanor spent the aisle and gave her.

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt first came to Washington, when Franklin was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy. At the beginning of Eleanor I felt uncomfortable in Washington and often returned to New York to visit friends. Washington was a strange city. With the US entry into World War Eleanor actively participated in the American Red Cross. It was as a Red Cross volunteer Eleanor learned to drive a car and voluntarily entered the Navy hospital and began to assume a more public political role.

During his life, Eleanor Roosevelt made a lot of the first, perhaps, one of which she is best remembered, and was the first lady. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt served as the first lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945 while her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's four terms.

During these 12 years as first lady, the unprecedented scale of its activities in conjunction with its promotion of liberal causes of Eleanor made contradictory. She was the first wife of the acting president, who became aggressive immersed in the issues that are outside of the White House. Although there is no doubt that those whom she helped, very admired her, but those to whom it is opposed to the creation of changes, disappointing her.

Eleanor propaganda outside the White House began as a result of physical loss of her husband's work caused by polio, which he contracted at the age of thirty-nine. Widely traveled and going back to her husband, Mrs. Roosevelt served as their eyes and ears. During the first lady, she has traveled extensively, reporting on the conditions of the program and the public opinion. Sometimes she has publicly disagreed with her husband's policies.

Most of its travel has become an example of "enemies of Eleanor" of its opponents, but those with whom she had reached out and helped respond warmly. They realized that she had a real compassionate interest in their welfare. Propaganda Eleanor made her widely sought-after speaker at political meetings and in various institutions; she showed a special interest in children's welfare, housing reform and equal rights for women and racial minorities.

As first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt established a regular press conference, White House correspondent for the women. Legal services that have not previously worked with women who have had to do this in order to present a representative. "My day" In 1936, Mrs. Roosevelt began to write their own daily newspaper column.

The presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II to a prosperous future, but in less than 90 days after the last inauguration, April 12, 1945, while on vacation in Varma-Spryngz, Georgia. Franklin suffered a massive stroke and died.

Less than a week after her husband, Eleanor coordinated his funeral and drive from the White House back to New York, citing the order of 12 years; worth of property and securities. Before a year passed away in December 1945, President Harry Truman appointed widows of their predecessors of the United States delegation to the Organization & # 39; United Nations. During his seven years delegates Eleanor traveled a lot by studying the social, political and economic conditions.

In 1953, she filed a UN post resignation to President Dwight D. Eisenhower came to office. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed her to the UN and then to the National Advisory Committee for the Peace Corps and the Chairman of the Commission on the Status of Women president.

Eleanor Roosevelt with the & # 39; is the author of numerous books and is known for its numerous citations. In his book "You learn by living," published in 1960, she wrote: "Happiness – it's not a goal, it's a byproduct of a paradox, but one safe way to be happy – it is deliberately put life, which could be. Hail wholly and exclusively ". Another of her famous quotes: ". A woman is like a tea bag never know how strong she is until she is in hot water."

At the time, Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most popular and powerful women in the world. Despite the fact that she was not in college, Eleanor Roosevelt was an intelligent woman who had a strong conscience and willingness to help others. Before her death, she was considered "one of the most respected women in the world" and "a & # 39; the object of almost universal respect."

The last two years of her life she was not good, suffering from aplastic anemia, Eleanor refused braking. She supported the hectic schedule of speaking and writing, speaking for human rights, civil rights and women's rights.

Eleanor Roosevelt died in New York on November 7, 1962, just a few weeks before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. She was buried next to her husband at the family's estate in Hyde Park, NY, in the house of some & # 39; and her husband on the Hudson River. It is the site of Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Eleanor believes that it should be, and its library. As first lady, Eleanor was persistent in their causes, making a great impact on the history, against which to judge all its successors.

For those who only know about the President and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and a pair of male couples in the United States during the Great Depression and World War II, "Eleanor Roosevelt search for life and well-being of the soul" offers a good introduction to the depth and scope of an exceptional first lady.

Kupala – identification status

Dome cover a lot of very important buildings were called "the king of all the roofs." These rounded design became an architectural icon for many public buildings. It all began with the search of Thomas Jefferson, who called for the dome at the 1st National Capitol USA.

Domes – a strong, curved structure, covering a large area without a supporting column. The dome of the building were built only with rectangular bearing columns.

The first of the & # 39; waking domes were round houses and tombs of the ancient Near East, India and the Mediterranean & # 39; and. Around 100 AD Roman engineers began experimenting with arches and found krutsivshy arch of a circle, three-dimensional form was created. Domes have become very popular, emphasizing the roofs of churches and mosques, creating a brilliant design.

Early domes were made of stone. One of the earliest was built dome of the Pantheon, which was so heavy that engineers carved figures along the walls to reduce weight. Also, a hole was cut in the tops, called the neck, or eye of the dome, which has helped to reduce the weight, plus avoid the sunlight.

Domes were built higher and higher on 532AD, it led to an increase in weight problems. This problem was quickly solved by the creation of arches with windows that allow sunlight enters without weakening the structure.

In the 18th century the dome of the Basilica of St. Louis, Peter began to crack. Were caused engineers and bound iron rings, called the tensioning ring around the structure. It is not only maintained this structure, but also served as a new way to build domes.

By the early 1400s, engineers began to build in Rome two domes in one, to create the illusion of height. The outer thin envelope was raised iron rings, with smaller dome underneath. The smaller dome is visible only from the inside, the dome that adorns the Capitol, our nation was built so.

Domes were called the perfect architectural form, the circle was a symbol of the universe. High dome of the gold color is in the form of a giant head of the country. One of the ancient cosmological meaning of the dome with a & # 39 is "heavenly helmet."

No wonder the dome has since become a universal symbol of government. Their property adds beauty that matches the grandeur of most kapitelnyh buildings, which indicates the status. In the US, the dome of the Capitol of Massachusetts established the dome as a distinguishing feature for State Capitol, as well as for our nation in the Capitol in Washington, DC. Today, there are only seven state Capitol without a dome.

Thomas Jefferson called the dome in the Capitol of the nation, "the first temple dedicated to the sovereignty of the people." In the US, the dome has become an architectural icon for government buildings. Their property adds beauty that matches the grandeur of most kapitelnyh buildings, which indicates the status.

Domes become the dominant presence in America sketches not only for government buildings, but also for homes, commercial buildings and garages. They have become a symbol of democracy and inspiration for citizens to live a life filled with dignity and freedom.

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Rolling Stovns in Washington DC, RFK Stadium, July 4, 1972

I grew up in the late 1960s, a big fan of Rolling Stones. The daughter of my godmother (this makes it my god-sister?) Was the US president in the fan club Rolling Stones in 1966. I had all their records, and I desperately wanted them to be played live.

So, imagine my enthusiasm when the spring of 1972 tickets were made available for the concert on 4 July RFK Stadium. They quickly dispersed, but I managed to kill a couple. Time passed very slowly for me between the day and the actual day of the concert.

We all gathered at my friend's VW and headed. It was the seat of the festival, so we wanted to get there early enough to get a decent seat. As we go, we arrived around 13:30 and were ideal places (for a baseball game – front row of the dugout third base), and if the scene had been established on 2nd base, perfect places for the show that night.

So we ended up with 5 hours of the murder, before Steve Vonder had to entertain us, like opening. Spicy scent of tobacco effervescent hovered in the air, and a bottle of cheap wine passed around. It was a nice atmosphere, and everything went smoothly until we began to hear loud outrage, which went behind us. He shouted and shouted, and he walked out of the main gate. Apparently, some children tried to break into the protective service under the & # 39; riding and break on the stage!

Well, it was all gently, until someone shouted: "They shoot tear gas!" What made us all chuckle, until the wind changed direction and did not blow into the stadium. We stopped to chuckle at that moment and tried to hold his breath. It worked for a while until we do not have to actually breathe, and then it was unpleasant to say. Eyes we Jolie, and we all suffer.

Finally the cops found the hint and stopped with tear gas. The air cleared and the first act came on stage. Stevie Uonder was OK. About him almost nobody cared (which was disappointing), but he was doing his work about half an hour, and then left the stage to thank the majority of the crowd. Such a life opens.

Then walked another 45 minutes and finally went on stage stones. If you've ever seen the movie "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones," then it was the same tour. Perhaps their best tour ever. They supported their new album "Exile on Main Street." A lot of good songs on it, plus they have done all their hits to date (those hits that everyone wants to hear today). Meek noted the historical occasion (he is the third did economics and history at the London School of Economics) and congratulated all of us to independence.

For many years I was at four concerts Stones, and each has created an atmosphere that was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. I do not know what it is about, but every time they do the two strange things. As I have said, they create a wonderful atmosphere, and they belong to the crowd, as if you were equal. Absolutely no signs of "hey, I'm a rock star. Thank you for your food, and we play what we want or we will not play at all." It is unusual, but you really feel like they are your friends from next door, and they just hang out with you during this two-hour period.

Well, they played a little more than 2 hours and 3 masks, and then it's time to run into the car and try to find your way again. In general, only the best experience of 20-year-old could be back in the not attended Robert Redford and choir marmonavaga taburnaku. Come on, use your imagination.